Gabriel Clark and Tommy Tanner
October 21, 2021 | Full Length Video : 16min 59sec

The love affair between Gabriel and Tommy is undeniable. Their passion for each other’s bodies jumps off the screen, making every excited breath and hastened heart beat come alive. Gabriel can hardly wait to give Tommy another round of pleasure, eagerly jumping into bed with his tattooed lover to kiss him and tease his warm, wet clit.

Tommy’s legs are spread open wide, giving Gabriel an open runway to work his magic on his loins. Gabriel has become an expert in bringing Tommy to climax, taking his own pleasure in seeing the trans man writhe and moan on the tips of his fingers.

Gabriel watches as ...[Read more]

Gabriel watches as Tommy pulls out a toy from the nightstand. The thick, well sculpted dildo slowly makes its way inside Tommy’s hole, making Gabriel’s eyes widen in anticipation. He wants to see it go all the way in. Tommy gives Gabriel the reigns to the fuck toy, giving up control of the penetration to the man who has experience in filling his pussy.

As Tommy furiously massages his clit, Gabriel skillfully paces the insertion and withdrawal of the toy, watching as Tommy’s toes curl again and again with each push. Gabriel plays Tommy like an instrument, watching him make sweet music of moans and groans as he rides wave after wave of orgasmic pleasure.

Gabriel’s cock swells up in his shorts, but he doesn’t distract from Tommy’s pleasure. He wants to see Tommy play with himself, getting worked up and sweaty and approaching climax. Nothing gets Gabriel more turned on than seeing Tommy in ecstasy, and he strokes himself to the sounds of his lover riding on the edge.

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