Spencer Daley, Logan Philips and Luke Hudson
June 22, 2022 | Full Length Video : 17min 40sec

Spencer could not believe his luck as he arrives in Birmingham. Logan and Luke have teamed up to take on the blonde jock’s cock, eager to take it in their hot, wet holes. The two get right to business sucking it as Spencer gets his hands all over their tight, athletic bodies. With one dick between three guys, he loves the attention they give him. Still, he knows just how hot their tight pussies are, fingering them and caressing them as all three roll around bed in complete ecstasy. Luke laps at Logan’s clit while the hungry boy devours Spencer’s cock, making a chain of pleasure that Spencer intends to keep going. He lies Logan on his back, sliding his cock inside his wet pussy as Luke rides the trans boy’s face. Spencer’s pounding moves Logan’s tongue back and forth on Luke’s clit, making it hard and sensitive as it goes back and forth. Spencer then watches as Luke straps on a big toy cock to fill Logan up. All three then saddle up side by side to finish each other off as one intense orgasm triggers another!

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