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Sherman Maus and Ari Koyote
July 19, 2023 | Full Length Video : 20min 29sec

Sexy bespectacled studs Ari Koyote and Sherman Maus complement each another in many ways. The brunette FTM hunk has a smattering of ink all over his body, a sexy piercing on his t-dick, and is perfectly hairy from the waist down. Sherman, in a fitting contrast, is almost completely smooth (save for the tuft of hair that make up the prominent bush above his big cock), pierced nipple rings, and platinum-blonde locks.

Both men have adorable faces that can make one believe they’re, incorrectly, completely innocent and good boys. However, given that this is their third time giving the camera a glimpse into their carnal flings in the sack, these hot geeky “good” boys have their own dirty little secrets!

They’re so hungry. ...[Read more]

They’re so hungry. These two taste every part of one another, and when just taste isn’t enough, Sherman drives his big fat dick directly into Ari’s inviting, wet, hungry hole. After long bouts of teasing, they thrust and fuck towards an pounding ending that leaves Sherman squirting part of his load all over Ari’s belly, and the rest deep in his bonus hole.

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