Sean Duran and Ari Koyote
May 06, 2021 | Full Length Video : 16min 38sec

Ari Koyote is a hot, tall, young FTM. There’s a curious air of innocence about him. If you saw him walking down the street, you’d be forgiven for thinking he was a mama’s boy! He wears cute, horn-rimmed glasses. His hair is always neat and tidy. He looks a little like a proper, Ivy League student!

Get a little closer, however, and you might notice the ear plug or the subtle nose piercing. You might even be lucky enough to catch a glimpse of one of the sexy tattoos on his torso. The harder you look, the more you realize there’s something a little bit rebellious going on behind that clean-cut exterior!

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Sean Duran, on the other hand, looks a little dangerous. Hung and muscular, this absolute DILF’s beefy, sculpted body is covered in tattoos. If you met him in a dark alley, you might run! Or beg for him to break you before he takes you!

The sight of Sean and Ari in a hotel room together would surely surprise and intrigue any fly on any wall…

The kissing is intense. It’s immediately clear that these two men have brilliant chemistry and are very very into one another. Sean’s boulder-hard dick presses into Ari’s stomach as he aggressively pushes his tongue into the younger man’s mouth. He can’t help but lightly jerk himself as he starts to work on Ari’s nipples. He wants this boy real bad…

Moments later, he starts to push his fingers into Ari’s pussy. This is a new experience and it’s blowing his mind. And he’s plainly not the only one. Ari is now moaning uncontrollably. Sean may be a newbie when it comes to trans-men, but he’s a highly experienced and sensual lover who knows exactly how to pleasure the guy he’s with!

Sean climbs onto the bed and groans in his deep, masculine voice as Ari sucks him off. Ari is plainly a gifted cock-sucker and Sean can’t take his eyes off the boy as the adventure intensifies. Ari starts to work on Sean’s balls, licking and sucking them keenly. Sean murmurs appreciatively before saying, “these nuts are full of cum for you.”

Ari stands, gasping and panting loudly, as Sean gets between his legs, closes his eyes and starts to lick his juicy pussy. Ari almost can’t believe he’s being serviced by a man like Sean. But Sean is in ecstasy! He knows that within minutes, he’ll be pushing himself inside that tight little hole.

The first fucking happens from behind, with Ari learning over the bed while Sean powerfully slams his meat into the trans-man’s cunt. Like all great fuckers, Sean continually varies the speed, although with this particular encounter, there’s a sense that he might be doing it simply to avoid prematurely shooting inside something which feels that good! He grits his teeth and uses every muscle in his body to fuck as deep as possible. At times it feels frenzied.

Ari is plunged into a world of total satisfaction. Sean is the ultimate, masculine fuck machine and Ari has plainly never felt such extreme pleasure. His body ripples and buzzes with intense gratification.

Sean lies on the bed and Ari sits on top of him, angled slightly away. Sean powerfully pounds Ari’s pussy from underneath while Ari spreads his masculine, hairy legs real wide to aid the almost overwhelming sensation. Sean simultaneously uses his hand to work on Ari’s clit, as the boy slowly begins to lose control.

Sean’s impressive cock soon starts to glisten with pre-cum. The two men are now locked into each other, mentally and physically, both obsessed with giving the other the ride of his life. Sean runs his fingernails down Ari’s stomach, before pushing against his clit. The experience is so intense that Ari almost orgasms.

The encounter moves to its most passionate and intimate phase with Ari lying on his back on the bed, legs in the air, and Sean on top of him, dick deep inside his cunt. Sean’s muscular body almost dwarfs the younger lad as they stare lustfully into each other’s eyes. In this position, Sean looks incredible. His enormous muscles ripple and throb. His round, almost perfect ass heaves up and down. He wants Ari so much and fucks him deeper and faster…

Sean warns Ari that he’s getting real close before kissing him again and setting the intensity level one notch higher. He doesn’t take his eyes off Ari as he pounds towards orgasm. The magical moment is extraordinary. He violently grabs the back of Ari’s head before roaring and collapsing on top of the boy as his spunk blasts into Ari’s engorged pussy.

The pull-out is intense and cum flies in all directions, dripping onto the bed sheets. Sean pushes in again, almost to check that Ari’s pussy still feels as good. This has been an extraordinary, horny and intense encounter which both men will be unlikely to forget and, no doubt, incredibly keen to repeat.

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