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Scott & Luke in Fort Lauderdale

February 02, 2022 | Full Length Video : 0min 0sec

Luke Hudson and Scott DeMarco - the sight of these two hot jocks together is one hell of a heavenly vision. As they kiss their hands explore each other's bodies. Scott kisses Luke's neck - making him moan.

Luke ...More

Luke spreads his leg and Scott sucks and licks him - making him moan even more. It's then Luke's turn to suck as he devours Scott's shaft. Every inch of his rock hard cock disappears into his mouth.

Luke then jumps on top of Scott and every inch of his rock hard raw cock disappears deep inside of him. He rides that cock and then Scott flips him and pounds him. Scott has never enjoyed a fuck like this before - their climaxes are intense - just as you would hope from such an incredibly hot pair.

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