Scott Demarco and Luke Hudson
September 14, 2022 | Full Length Video : 21min 14sec

Luke grabs onto Scott’s cock as he presses his lips against the scruffy-faced jock. Luke loves Scott’s boyish good looks and tight, toned body… And Scott can’t get enough of feeling Luke’s compact frame and form. Without a doubt, both of these two boys are horned up and ready to fuck! Luke swallows up Scott’s thick meat, feeling it hit the back of his throat as he takes it down to his balls. It’s clear that Scott’s impressed by how well Luke takes it as Scott holds the back of Luke’s neck while he handles each successive inch! But Scott’s raging hard-on can only be serviced by one thing; Luke’s tight, wet pussy. Luke’s clit swells up as Scott laps it his loins, warming him up for a deep, bareback fucking. Luke’s moans excite Scott more than he can handle, prompting him to slide his shaft into Luke’s hole, pounding away at him until Scott releases his gushing load!

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