Riley Ross and Luke Hudson
October 07, 2021 | Full Length Video : 21min 8sec

Riley and Luke are completely smitten with one another as they make out in bed. It’s clear the two are crushing on each other hard, leading them to quickly move from playful conversation to deep tongue wrestling and over the clothes petting. Young love is always a beauty to behold, and it’s clear these two are about to consummate that connection.

As soon as they take off their clothes, Riley is quick to give Luke some intense pleasure, warming up the trans man’s favorite toy and sliding it between his warm, wet pussy lips. Luke’s body girates and contorts as the thick, long dildo works its way inside, giving him the sensation of a pleasant tickle before triggering his loins to open up.

Riley is absolutely ...[Read more]

Riley is absolutely obsessed with seeing Luke’s hole take the massive toy, all the while getting harder thinking of moving in himself. Luke looks into Riley’s eyes, smiling and blushing at the thought of the handsome muscle man pushing his perfect cock between his legs, filling him up with his shaft and load.

Luke eagerly gets on all fours, presenting his round, bubble butt up to the cis top, giving him a delicious view of both holes. Riley can hardly choose which one to use, but finds the allure of the stretched out pussy too enticing to pass on. He slides his rigid member deep into Luke’s cunt, feeling it wrap around his shaft as he goes balls deep.

Luke rocks himself back and forth, working Riley’s dick as the bearded man grips onto his hips for support. Locked in erotic connection, the two grind hard and fast as they build up closer and closer to climax...

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