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riley & ari in atlanta: Chapter 4

March 15, 2023 | Full Length Video : 17min 15sec

Ari Koyote and Riley Ross briefly discuss how Riley feels about his first time fucking an FTM man, and the occasion being documented on camera. There’s not many in the porn world that can turn an earnest meetup into an intense and sensual make-out session. But that’s Ari’s thing—intimacy, and being a beautiful bottom!

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Ari leads Riley through his first FTM sex scene gleefully—he soon takes off Riley’s snug blue briefs and slips the furry stud’s cock into his mouth. Riley gets into it, grabbing Ari by the head, guiding his cocksucker’s mouth back and forth, even calling him a “good boy” as Ari moans enthusiastically.

When it comes time to return the oral favor, Riley does not hesitate as he dives right into Ari’s bonus hole. Though this is his first up-close and personal taste of an FTM hole, he proves to be a natural as he licks and slurps up Ari’s juices. To finish off his new playmate, Riley brings out a flesh-colored dildo and slides it into Ari’s slick, wet hole. Ari jerks his t-dick off as the toy slides in and out of him, working himself up to a colossal orgasm!

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