Roman and Luke Hudson
July 01, 2021 | Full Length Video : 17min 17sec

Roman and Luke could practically be twins! They’re both lean, athletic, horny guys with close cropped hair and sexy spattering of tattoos. They both love to kiss, suck, and fuck. The biggest difference between them seems to be Luke's hot, wet jock pussy and Roman’s thick, throbbing cock!

As the two kiss and feel each other’s bodies, their loins practically catch fire as they think about tearing off their underwear and getting right to business! Roman immediately dives his tongue between Luke’s legs, caressing his furry thighs as he kisses and sucks on the trans boy’s hard clit. Luke moans as Roman aggressively kisses and devours his cunt, lapping at it’s crevasses and triggering his pleasure center with precision.

Luke returns the ...[Read more]

Luke returns the favor, taking Roman’s thick meat between his lips and slobbering all over it from tip to taint. Roman’s heavy balls churn up a hot load as Luke’s mouth swallows him down, feeling the egg-sized nuts on his chin as he moves up and down the stiff pole. Roman rests a hand on the back of Luke’s head, guiding him on his shaft as he expertly sucks him off. But Luke needs no assistance. He knows his way around a cock better than most!

His skilled mouth gets Roman ready for a deep fuck. Putting Luke on his back, Roman spreads Luke’s legs apart, giving him a hot look at his ass and pussy. He can barely decide where to begin, but the throbbing clit points the way to Luke’s cunt, making Roman eager to feel it wrapped around his massive tool.

Inch by inch Roman slides in, feeling the firm muscles of Luke’s hole around his cock. He pumps back and forth, feeling the juicy hole massage him from the inside, practically milking him of the load Luke hard already worked up. Roman grips onto Luke’s muscular thighs, fucking him hard as he plays with his hard clit.

Roman feels right at home dick deep in Luke’s guts, especially as he begins to erupt! With a few final pumps, Roman unleashes his load all over Luke’s abs, just a few inches away from where his cock had been! Luke loves the feeling of his hot jizz all over him, happy to have cum all over that cock to make it explode!

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