Jordan Starr and Luke Hudson
April 06, 2022 | Full Length Video : 26min 10sec

Jordan is stunning. The beauty of his tall, lean, muscular body is matched only by handsome good looks. And perhaps his veiny, thick cock. All of which makes the perfect combo for Luke to get his hands on!

Their cuddly, affectionate kissing and touching is a reflection of their deep longing and adoration of one another. Even as they take each other’s clothes off, they’re all smiles and giggles as they press their flesh together. Luke wraps his legs around Jordan’s body, feeling the heat from his muscles getting him even more excited than he already was!

Luke drops to ...[Read more]

Luke drops to the ground, kneeling in front of Jordan as the big guy leans back, pulling out the man's massive cock. Luke worships his heavy, hairy balls and huge, rigid meat before taking it down his throat. The bearded trans man opens his mouth as wide as he can to taste the powerful tool, feeling it get even harder in his skull as he swallows it down!

Jordan is obsessed with Luke’s body. Jordan puts Luke up on the bed (carrying him in his strong hands to do so), playing with his hairy pussy and rigid member by fingering and licking his loins. Luke watches as Jordan gets more and more digits inside him, feeling his smooth, warm, wet insides, getting him warmed up for a deep bareback fuck.

When Luke finally gets on top of Jordan’s cock, he rides like an absolute pro! Luke feels his insides stretch apart as Jordan thrusts into him, splitting him in half as Luke massages his perfect pole! Jordan can’t wait to feel his load spew into Luke’s pussy and to watch it drip out in the most beautiful fashion!

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