Cain Marko and Luke Hudson
August 09, 2023 | Full Length Video : 23min 48sec

Hedonistic daddy Cain Marko has plans in Atlanta. He’s got gorgeous FTM twink Luke Hudson in the bedroom for another session of primal play, and he plans to make the most of it!

The horny DILF kicks back and relaxes as Luke’s thick, juicy lips get to work. The twink’s ecstatic slurping of Cain’s tongue causes the Daddy’s sizable staff to rise. At the same time, Luke expertly massages the large, swollen cockhead with his fingertips when momentarily coming up for air. All Cain can do is smile with a low rumble coming from his broad chest.

Soon, the big ...[Read more]

Soon, the big Daddy takes matters into his own hands; he brings his bearded face down to Luke’s loins and gobbles up that T-dick in one slurp. The FTM stud grips the bedsheets as his already wet bonus hole gets noticeably much more so. Cain makes sure to get his long, playful fingers into that wonderfully moist boy-crevice. This DILF wants to taste and explore every inch.

Cain nestles his furry-soft beard up, down, and all around the warmed-up jockpussy. Luke helplessly whines in blissful outbursts. How many times can this exceptionally skilled Daddy make him cum now? He’ll soon find out...

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