Tyler Tanner and Luke Hudson
December 27, 2023 | Full Length Video : 24min 33sec

I’ve been told that all I think about is sex. Like that’s an insult or something. I’m not one to brag usually, but when you’re young, healthy, and good-looking, why not play the field? Just so happens my FTM fuck buddy Luke Hudson agrees with me.

Speaking of which, Luke buzzed me on my cell last night for a booty call. I was there in a flash!

I barely had ...[Read more]

I barely had time to close the door behind me and Luke had my pants clean off. We sucked face all the way to the bedroom and once there we started grinding hardcore on his bed.

Before long, we were naked and tangled up in one another. Luke lavished his tongue all over my balls and I nearly hit the ceiling. When Luke came up for air, there was a thick string of sweet saliva dangling from my cock attached to his juicy lips. Luke slurped it up like the horny, cock-hungry beast that he is and went right back to bobbing madly up and down on my dick.

I spent a good long time flipping that dream boy over and over, taking turns using my tongue and my cock to keep Luke’s yummy boy-slit oozing. Finally, I thrust one last time real good and then I came. It was awesome. I know it was for Luke as well because I felt his fuck tunnel clench on my cock and he was smiling real big…

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