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luke hudson and eddie danger: Chapter 2

April 05, 2024 | Full Length Video : 21min 51sec

As far as FTM wet dream Luke Hudson was concerned, Eddie Danger checked every single box as a lover.. The trans hottie adored Eddie’s deep, dark eyes, thick wavy/curly hair, and chocolate-colored beard. During their last romp together, Luke climaxed several times just from the way the soft, furry, well-kept facial hair aroused his T-dick and caused his boyslit to moisten and inflate with heat.

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For his part, Eddie can’t get enough of trans dudes and Luke was beyond a doubt the most fun and satisfying lay he’d had since his teens. The hot blonde’s mastering of the fine art of deepthroat blowjobs was second-to-none. And the dude had the sexiest gag.

This particular evening, Eddie was hell-bent and determined to make his feverishly alluring sex buddy break his record for most times cumming inside a dude’s mouth. And that heartstopping trans body was most definitely going to get dicked down and worked over to everyone’s maximum pleasure!

Director:Jason Sparks
Producer:Jason Sparks
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