Chad Taylor and Luke Hudson
April 19, 2023 | Full Length Video : 24min 50sec

No one wants a great hookup to be a one-night-only fling. That's why FTM stud Luke Hudson and lean, hairy-chested hunk Chad Taylor can't wait to go at it again!

As soon as they meet, the two men kiss deeply and let their hands roam all over one another. Shirts come off, and their tongues wrestle. With soft lips and warm mouths, the two friends explore each other with fierce eagerness. Their passion is almost too much.

Chad sticks his ...[Read more]

Chad sticks his hands down past the band of Luke’s jeans and fingers the wet mound. Luke, in turn, moans as he's invaded, explored. Those pants get ripped away completely and Chad, driven by hunger, dives tongue first into his playmate's slick hole.

Chad takes charge. He pounds Luke’s hungry hole, before Luke straddles himself on Chad’s cock. They pump back and forth, finding a rhythm together. The two men switch between these positions as Chad’s limit is tested. He’s ready to paint Luke’s insides, and his FTM playmate can tell by the grunts, the moans, the distant look in his eyes. Luke milks that jock for all he’s worth…

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