Brogan Reed, Jonathan, Zack Grayson and Luke Hudson
March 18, 2021 | Full Length Video : 15min 17sec

Luke Hudson has had enough of watching and Zack Grayson's invitation to join him on the bed is met with enthusiasm. The two naked men embrace and wrap themselves together as they kiss. Zack's big dick grows and Luke wraps his soft lips around it. Sliding his mouth up and down the thick shaft, covering it with his saliva.

Luke then attempts to sit on top of Zack's big dick "You're so big - like really big" he tells Zack and Luke loves it! He gingerly envelopes the full length and then starts to ride if with vigor. Zack's eyes start rolling back in his head as he watches and moans with how good it feels.

He lays Luke ...[Read more]

He lays Luke down and starts pounding him - hard and faster as he looks deep into his eyes. He can't handle it any longer and pulls out to cum all over Luke's sexy chest. Luke sucks his cock clean and Zack kisses his mouth and heads off to grab him a towel.

But who should return with the towel but Jonathan - Luke wants that towel and Jonathan! Stay tuned for Part 3.

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