Jonah Wheeler and Stevie Trixx
December 15, 2021 | Full Length Video : 25min 56sec

There are very few men in this world as sensual and passionate as Jonah Wheeler. And the only thing that pumps harder than his cock is his heart. So it shouldn’t be a surprise that he instantly became infatuated with the handsome ginger man, Stevie Trixx.

The sexy guy’s fire-red beard, beautiful tattoos, and equally passionate personality make the mustachioed man completely gush, crushing hard on his partner and becoming singularly minded on making him happy.

The two kiss ...[Read more]

The two kiss and cuddle before Jonah maneuvers his hand down Stevie’s pants. He expertly finds Stevie’s hard dick, throbbing above his pussy in his shorts. Jonah doesn’t rush him, though. He slowly and carefully warms him up, making sure that Stevie gets all the attention he needs before turning his focus back on himself.

Stevie, on the other hand, doesn’t need much to jump Jonah’s bones! He jumps on top of Jonah, pulling off his shirt, and tearing off the handsome man’s pants. Stevie sets himself up on the bed for Jonah to begin devouring his pussy.

Jonah closes his eyes as he laps at Stevie’s loins, indulging in the sensuality and intimacy of the ginger man’s hole. He gazes up every so often to see Stevie’s pleasure, but the moans of pleasure are enough to keep Jonah on course. Stevie bends his leg around to draw Jonah in closer, feeling his heart race as he rides wave after wave of tongue-twisted pleasure.

When Stevie’s good and ready, Jonah bends him over on all fours. Jonah is ready to experience the hot trans man’s hole on his cock. He carefully slides himself between Stevie’s legs, becoming instantly engulfed on his sex. Stevie swallows up Jonah’s cock and holds on tight, practically milking the hot man behind him.

Jonah tries to hold off cumming as long as he can, enjoying every thrust and throb of their good fucking. Not only does it feel incredible, but the connection he has with Stevie is unreal. He knows that spilling his seed inside will only make them closer, but he’s in no rush to make their union come to a close… at least not until Stevie’s experienced several orgasms of his own!

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