Joel Someone and Ari Koyote
November 14, 2018 | Full Length Video : 19min 40sec

Joel smiles as he looks up and down Ari's body. He loves his boyish good looks and athletic frame. They makeout as Ari grabs onto his scruffy friend's neck, holding him close as their passion ignites. Ari's skilled mouth shifts from Joel’s lips to his long, strong shaft, bobbing his head up and down as Joel looks on in awe and delight. Joel's mouth stands agape as he feels his cock worked like never before, leading him to return the favor on his trans buddy. As Joel's tongue works over his wet, throbbing pussy, Ari's moans excite him even more. He laps around his swelling cock, getting him good and ready to receive his raw meat deep and hard. With Ari positioned on all fours, Joel has the perfect position to watch as he slides his dick in and out, wrapped tightly in Ari's sexy bonus hole.

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