Jayden and Luke Hudson
April 29, 2021 | Full Length Video : 16min 29sec

They say what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas and well that's if it's not as hot as this scene and posted all over the internet! Jayden D and Luke Hudson find themselves in a hotel room naked - and rubbing each other's bodies. Jayden's big ebony cock grows as he plays with Luke's pussy - Luke grabs Jayden's cock in his hands and strokes it as they kiss.

Jayden's got a big dick and Luke loves sucking cock and a challenge so he deepthroats the monster dick - only coming up for air every so often. Jayden face fucks Luke - then slaps his cock on Luke's gorgeous face as Luke sucks his balls.

Luke wants to ...[Read more]

Luke wants to ride that big dick - and jumps on it to get the whole thing inside. Jayden spins him around and starts pounding the jock's pussy.

When he's almost ready to cum Luke wants that big cock in his mouth once more and Jayden cums in Luke's greedy mouth - the huge wad spilling down the sides of the massive cock. He leans up and kisses Jayden - sharing the load!

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