Jay James and Tommy Tanner
March 29, 2023 | Full Length Video : 24min 42sec

After masc jock Jay James has a brief, flirty chat with long-time crush and FTM heart-breaker Tommy Tanner, he’s thrilled when Tommy agrees to come home with him. Jay’s had a pretty serious obsession with Tommy’s gorgeous body and perfect compact bubble-butt since they first met.

Tommy feels the same. The FTM stud can’t take his eyes, or hands, off of Jay’s long, lean, perfectly-built swimmer’s body. As clothes peel off, the horny dudes are delighted to find they’re both wearing identical briefs.

They decide to ...[Read more]

They decide to lay down on the bed together, start up a little bump n’ grind, and get their lips and tongues duly acquainted. When Jay’s engine gets revved into primal overdrive, the sexy underwear they bonded over gets torn off in a real hurry!

Tommy moistens his fingers with his salivating tongue. He strokes his own engorged, sensitive T-dick, putting on a show for Jay while they fuck. The gorgeous FTM dreamboat throws his head back and cries out as with each powerful thrust from Jay’s cock, and eventually a mind-bending orgasm surges through all of his pleasure sensors. Jay isn’t far behind; he launches his creamy seed, filling Tommy’s super tight extra entrance to the brim.

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