Holden Price and Luke Hudson
May 21, 2020 | Full Length Video : 19min 25sec

Holden is a sweet, college student with a smooth body and a stunning, boy-next-door smile. He’s exactly the type that makes Luke hot and wild. But not only is Holden an adorable young man, he’s got a hot, wet pussy as well!

Luke and Holden make out in bed, caressing each other’s firm shoulders and smooth chests, all the while rubbing their hard clits against each other. Holden is hungry to taste Luke’s pussy, stripping off his clothes before lapping at his hard, swollen bean! And Holden knows exactly how to make Luke feel amazing, making the fit jock moan as his loans are stirred up...

Luke is happy ...[Read more]

Luke is happy to return the favor, kissing and licking Holden’s wet pussy as the young man smiles and moans blissfully. Once he’s warmed up, Luke brings out his favorite toy to play with Holden’s hole, watching as it slides between his legs and disappears into his tight pussy. The pulsing vibrations and Luke’s probing make Holden ride a wave of sensations that has him begging for more!

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