Gabriel Clark and Tommy Tanner
August 02, 2023 | Full Length Video : 15min 45sec

Hot and horny DILF Gabriel Cross believes it is high-time to move his relationship with cuddle-buddy FTM stud Tommy Tanner to the next level. At first, Tommy arches an eyebrow when Gabriel glides his hand over the dude’s chest and abs… then towards his groin!

But the farther that Gabriel’s hand trails downward in this sultry, teasing game, the more intrigued Tommy becomes. The FTM hunk truly thought he and his buddy Gabe were just gonna chill. Turns out, his handsome flirt-of-a-friend has a fantasy he’d really like to live out.

After both dudes ...[Read more]

After both dudes get naked to try something new, Gabriel hastily reaches for the nightstand and pulls out a vibrator. Tommy gets in the doggy position and sticks his perky ass out, exposing his engorged, juicy boypussy…!

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