Gabriel Clark and Tommy Tanner
February 25, 2021 | Full Length Video : 13min 13sec

Sexy, hung, French-Canadian Gabriel Clark wakes up next to a sleeping Tommy Tanner. Gabriel doesn't want to wake him, but the smooth, tanned skin of Tommy’s broad back invites his gentle touch. Gabriel caresses him slowly, causing Tommy to stir. Pulling down the comforter, Gabriel reveals that his big, uncut cock is already hard from being pressed against Tommy’s ass. It’s clear he’s eager to explore the rest of Tommy’s body, and Gabriel watchs Tommy's face. Seeing the subtle smile on Tommy’s lips, Gabriels drags his hard cock across the back of Tommy’s thigh and ass, causing Tommy to roll his hips toward the man.

Gabriel squeezes Tommy’s ass and deliberately pays more attention to Tommy’s pussy, using his own precum to wet the entrance and finger the jock’s pussy. Tommy moans and presses back against Gabriel. With a kiss on his back, Gabriel teases Tommy’s pussy with the head of his cock, rubbing back and forth before sliding inside. Tommy’s eyebrows shoot up and he sucks in a sudden breath. “Good morning,” Gabriel says with a smile.

Gabriel’s big, round ...[Read more]

Gabriel’s big, round balls meet Tommy’s thighs on every slow thrust, bottoming out deep inside before withdrawing almost all the way. He’s not the only one working, however. Tommy is grinding back into him and moaning on every stroke. Gabriel reaches around Tommy’s shoulder and pulls him back so every inch of them is touching. With the other hand, he lifts Tommy’s leg, allowing his balls to tap on Tommy’s clit each time he slides all the way in.

Gabriel leans in to kiss Tommy then kneels on the bed and pulls Tommy around to fuck his pussy in missionary position. One ankle on Gabriel’s shoulder, Tommy rubs his clit frantically while the hung top long dicks the tattooed bottom boy. Gabriel uses every inch, deep dicking Tommy’s hole so hard that their bodies make the entire bed bounce. Gabriel suddenly exclaims that he’s about to cum, and he drives in deep. Gabriel kisses Tommy as he pulls his cock out to see the frothy cum leak out. He rubs his cock in the load and slaps his wet meat against Tommy’s bean before sliding back inside and falling forward to make out some more.

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