Gabriel Clark and Tommy Tanner
November 08, 2023 | Full Length Video : 13min 13sec

French-Canadian muscle hunk Gabriel Cross wakes up next to FTM tattooed stud Tommy Tanner. He’s tempted by the sight of the round ass before him, and what delightful surprises it holds. Soon, the covers are pulled down and hands that were once massaging the pale ass locate the boy’s bonus hole, teasing it ever-so-slightly on the sleeping boy. It doesn’t take long before Gabriel feels his partner wiggle back onto his throbbing mushroom head. He lines up his growing big cock to the needy jockpussy.

The muscle top begins thrusting his hard dick into Tommy’s bonus hole, with Gabriel shifting on top of the tattooed boy before pulling them into a deep kiss. Tommy plays with his boypussy as he gets pounded by the big jock cock. Nothing but moans and the sound of two bodies slapping together fills the room. Tommy lifts his legs up into the air so that his top can go deeper into his hole, giving Gabriel permission to cum all over him.

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