declan gray and hayden wulf: Chapter 2

November 29, 2023 | Full Length Video : 21min 41sec

Declan Gray is absolutely enamored by toned blond jock Hayden Wulf… and his big dick!

Having ...More

Having been filled up by the golden haired athletic twink once, tatted up FTM stud Declan is itching for another round of getting his hole railed by Hayden’s thick meat stick. The two can barely contain themselves as they make out, and only moments in, their shorts and shirts find their way off. They collide, their mouths and tongues are sucking, licking, and slobbering on cock and hole alike.

Hayden drives his fat throbbing cock into Declan’s hungry, inviting opening. He starts to pump furiously in and out of the tatted trans man’s slippery jock pussy, drawing out eager coos and moans from Declan with each of his thrusts. Hayden’s pumping gets faster and harder as he builds to a sloppy cum-filled finish inside his favorite trans jock’s bonus hole!

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