Brogan Reed and Ari Koyote
August 31, 2022 | Full Length Video : 18min 33sec

Brogan buries his face deep in Ari’s furry pussy, lapping at his clit as Brogan works his trans lover into a frenzy. Ari looks down at his handsome partner, watching with delight as he expertly gets his hole ready for a hot fuck.

Ari gets down on his knees, taking the muscle man’s meat into his mouth and feeling it swell up with each bob of his head. Brogan can’t keep his hands off Ari, affectionately caressing his face and neck. He’s eager to feel himself slide inside Ari’s body, horny to pump out his thick, creamy load!

When Ari lies ...[Read more]

When Ari lies down on their bed, he spreads his legs apart and opens himself up for his beefy top. Brogan makes himself right at home inside Ari’s pussy, thrusting deep and hard while flicking Ari’s hard clit. Evey moan Ari makes is a symphony of pleasure, inspiring Brogan to drill in even deeper!

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