Tom Bentley and Luke Hudson
December 29, 2021 | Full Length Video : 22min 16sec

When Luke and Tom are kissing up on each other, it’s almost hard to tell each other apart! Both are stunning handsome men with sandy-blonde hair, scruffy short beards, fit, compact bodies, and beautiful behinds. They are both adorned in tattoos and piercings and even both kiss with a matching sensuality. It’s not until Tom pulls away from his partner that we see something unique: his raging, hard cock.

Stripping off their clothes, Tom’s throbbing member stands on end as he sees his gorgeous FTM’s partner’s body. Luke is dripping in sex appeal and masculinity, making Tom eager to feel up his own swollen dick tucked between his wet pussy lips.

Putting Luke on ...[Read more]

Putting Luke on his back, Tom works his way between the stud’s open legs, following the furry path of his loins straight to the sweet spot. Tom’s mouth wraps around Luke’s knob, sucking and slurping on its end and driving the trans man wild. Luke loves being able to sit back and get his dick sucked, all the while writhing around in pleasure in preparation to get fucked by Tom’s massive cock.

Tom takes his turn on the bed to feel the joy of a hot mouth on his manhood. Luke is an expert at sword swallowing, able to take Tom’s long cock down to the base, passing by his tongue and tonsils and into his hungry throat. He loves the feeling of a pulsing tool deep inside him, and that’s not limited to just his hole.

When the trans man can no longer hold back, he jumps up on top of Tom’s cock, feeling it work its way into his guts. His legs spread wide to take it all, working it up and down and massaging his handsome partner’s shaft. Tom holds onto Luke tightly, loving the feel of his smooth skin and round ass against his body. Just as Luke struggled to hold back riding, Tom does all he can to hold back cumming buckets into Luke’s hole. It’s only a matter of time before he loses the battle, flooding Luke with his warm, dripping creampie…

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