The richards family Tape 8: tell me

September 14, 2023 | Full Length Video : 24min 20sec

It’s not lost on me that my son Asher could easily court whatever kind of man he wants. One look from those big beautiful blue eyes and, of course, the ever-present “aw shucks” expression on his face make it easy for unknowing horny men to fall under his spell. The idea of Asher getting railed every way from here to Sunday was one that both made me feel a natural fatherly unease, but also a not-so-very fatherly arousal.

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Ever since Asher and I started playing, I loved the fact that he gets to explore all facets of his sexuality with me, and on me. I loved that he could express himself sexually with the utmost comfort and safety in the arms—and in between the legs—of his dad. This balancing act of lover and father has become more and more tumultuous as time has gone on, though. I was protective of my boy, but am actively sexualizing him. I can’t seem to help myself on either of those.

He too, seems to have a similar penchant for sexualizing his old man. I can’t count the amount of times we’ve been going about our respective days and routines and somehow, one way or another, our clothes fly off and my boy is begging to be filled with the seed that made him.

Just a few days ago, I had told Asher’s slightly elder cousin Jordan to come visit us. I don’t know how or especially when, but the two rascals managed to act every bit their age and Jordan ended up sliding inside Asher. The thought of my nephew kissing my son, tasting my son, feeling my son was… enthralling, actually. A bit worrying, for all the obvious reasons, but on the other side of that is the fact that Asher is so hungry for cock that he couldn’t help but seduce his cousin. Knowing that makes my meat stiffen up instantly.

As I found Jordan’s shirt under the couch while I was cleaning up, I let all these thoughts flood my mind. It took me a minute to remember that I could easily just go and ask Asher. I was already completely bricked up as I made my way up the stairs and into his room to ask. Asher, ever as open and honest with his dad as usual, was very forthcoming. He knew I was curious in more ways than one, so I asked him to not only tell me, but…

…to show me.

He welcomed the idea with a sheepish smile. I asked him to show me how they kissed. He planted a deep kiss on my lips; something tells me their kiss couldn’t have been as passionate. Our clothes began to make their way off our bodies, piece by piece.

I proceeded to get a step-by-step sequence of events from Asher as to how his cousin ended up sliding his cock inside his bonus hole. I removed my boy’s pants and positioned myself between his legs and began to taste him. I asked him if Jordan worked his tongue on him like I did.

I had Asher guide me to parrot my nephew’s movements and reenact them out on him. After working Asher up with my mouth, I removed my own shorts and let my long stiff cock spring free. It throbbed more and more with each little sequence. I drove it into Asher’s hungry wet mound, missionary first, before spooning him and sliding in for some long, intense thrusts. At this point, the reenactment had all but ended. I got Asher on all fours and began to pound him more vigorously.

We did it all. We did everything from lapping up his wet hole to dipping my stiff rod into its warmth. Sex between the two of us was always a treat, but I couldn’t stop thinking of how hot it would’ve been to watch him get pounded by someone else. Or better even, having someone else watch me pound him. Maybe even Jordan and I, two muscular men, sharing this angel-faced twink between us. As I was building to an explosive climax with these images running through my head, Jordan suddenly appeared in the very open doorway!

Oh yeah, this is going to happen…

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The Richards Family

The Richards Family: Chapters
1. Special First Time 36mn
I was late coming home. I was surprised to find my dad waiting for me on the couch. My dad is definitely what most people would call “classically handsome,” even with an expression of stern concern. He has a great face, and definitely a great body. He’s very muscular with massive arms; I would be lying if I said I didn’t find him incredibly hot myself. He was, after all, my first impression of masculinity. He was what I thought men should be. It’s pretty normal for a guy my age to be horny and turned on all day, every day. But at home, being around Dad definitely made that urge all the more powerful. He filled out his light gray polo very well as it clung to his chest and biceps. His fitted jeans seemed to be molded onto him, threatening to rip if he flexed his thighs. He asked me to come sit down next to him and, as I did so, I apologized for my tardiness. I was shocked when he abruptly asked me if I was having sex yet. He explained that my first time should be special, safe, and with someone I trusted and cared about. I don’t know what came over me, but I responded with “So, like you?” He looked a bit perplexed, but to my further astonishment, he simply replied “Is that what you want?” I tried to play it a bit coy and said “Maybe.” My heart nearly jumped out of my chest when he rested his hand on my shoulder. Emboldened again, I rested my own hand on his massive thigh and moved in towards him. Dad let his big hands roam all over me, and I similarly squeezed his big biceps. Our faces inched closer and closer to one another. I felt the heat begin to rise between my legs. He must have felt as eager as I did because before I knew it, I felt his hand pull my face in from the back of my head to kiss me. The flood gates opened. We stayed like that for a while, our lips dancing all over each other. We kissed as if we had been a couple for a long time—and I suppose, in a way, we had. Dad asked me to stand up and take my pants off. When I sat back down, he didn’t hesitate to plant his lips back on mine, letting his left hand find its way between my legs again. This time though, he stuck it inside my underwear. I could tell he loved it, feeling his trans son’s wetness and warmth, knowing he was the cause of it. He let his fingers probe all over around and inside me. He removed my underwear and continued to massage my bonus hole. He brought his mouth to it and began lapping it up, reducing my voice to groans. He moaned as tasted me, too, and knowing that my taste had that impact on him made me feel special in a way I was unprepared for. I told him I wanted to see him naked, and he gladly stood up and dropped his jeans. The outline of his big hard cock was visible through his underwear, in the brief time it remained on him. I couldn’t believe I was about to see my dad’s dick—and possibly host it inside me! He let it free and I was quick to pop it into my mouth. He was supportive and encouraging the entire time I sucked on it, guiding my head along its length, and giving me feedback as I worked him over. After a few minutes of my blowjob, Dad asked if I was ready for it and told me to lay back. My body quivered as he brought his cock up to my slicked-up, hungry opening. He let the head go in slowly, then inched the rest of the way in. The idea of him filling up my tight FTM hole drove me nuts, and it was really happening! He pulled his cock all the way out and let the head roll around on my T-dick before sliding it all the way back in again. He began to pump in and out of me. I could feel it throb inside my tight chambers. Soon we were spooning and Dad was making love to me from behind. We found a steady pace. My juices flowed like a river, and Dad let me know that I was getting him close. He kissed me, his moans getting louder and louder as he brought himself to the hilt. Finally, he blew and unloaded inside me, filling me with his seed. His thrusts slowed all the way down as he let the last drops of his orgasm spill in me. You know, I’m glad Dad’s always been a hands-on teacher.
2. Staying In 28mn
I’ve really got a lot on my mind lately. To make a long story short, I’ve started to fall in lust with my son Asher. I think—and, maybe fear—love is not far behind. You see, I cannot stop thinking about him. His gorgeous eyes, lips, his smile. That cute face, that perfect body. I could go on like this all day. We’ve been fooling around, which is already one line I’ve crossed. Since we started having a sexual relationship, I noticed that Asher was engaging in dates with other men, as well. I’ve seen him texting on his phone late at night and then leave, but come back in a couple hours or so. It drove me wild to think of another daddy's dick inside my boy. So this particular evening I decided, somewhat half-heartedly, to put on some dress pants and a polo. I just wanted to go out for the evening and wind down, try to get my mind on something other than the sound of my son’s voice when I’m powerfucking the blazes out of his insanely hot boypussy in the late afternoon. Given how easy it was for me to remember, and how much I wanted it again, I wasn’t sure if anything really could get my mind off of Asher. As I was passing through the living room, I couldn’t help but notice my boy sitting on the couch with his phone in his hand. He had on a crooked grin as he stared at the screen, and his hand rubbed down on the crotch of his jeans. Who could my feisty twink son be sexting this time? Was he planning a dick date? Any enthusiasm for going out vanished. I needed to know. No reason to be coy. I’m his dad. I just straight up asked the kid who he was messaging. Of course, he was talking to “nobody”, just some random dude who had sent him a message. I knew better than that; Asher was clearly looking at something that made his eyes and erotic smile light up. I wanted to be the one that made my son light up and smile like that. I wanted to be the one that made him touch himself. How macho and studly could this other guy be that he made my son get all hot like this? I couldn’t stop myself. I reached out and grabbed the phone from Asher. Of course the boy protested, but the look I shot him earned his silence. I looked at the phone screen and the very first thing I saw was a macho-looking, forty-something muscle dude with a nearly foot-long monster cock in his hand. God I was jealous. I couldn’t help it. But, I also understood how Asher—or any horny boy— could be drawn to looking at that huge daddy dick. It was truly remarkable. It wasn’t much bigger than my own dick, but damn, even I was mesmerized. I asked my son if he’d sent a reply or pictures back to this man. Asher immediately piped up that he hadn’t and wasn’t going to. I should have felt better after that, but for some reason, I just didn’t. Then, seemingly out of nowhere, I think my son and I had a kind of breakthrough. After a pause that seemed to last forever, Asher finally spoke. He looked right at me with an intense, but doting look and confessed that, in fact, he wanted me, not the man on the phone screen. The sweet-faced, hungry boy licked his lips and he confessed that he thought I was way sexier. My son’s big blue eyes damn near took my breath away. Asher studied my face for every tell; I was momentarily speechless. This was going somewhere very quickly that I didn’t expect. I was falling hard for the boy. My yearnings took over. He had always been so honest and straightforward with me about his thoughts and feelings. It was almost like my own son was teaching me how to live boldly. So, I took the cue and slid right up next to him. I told him with my eyes, my hands, and my smile just how much he meant to me. I told him how I never stop thinking about him, and how badly I need to be inside of him. Asher didn’t need to use words to supply his answer. He simply placed his hand against my face and let my hands wander all over his smooth form. I had the boy stand up while I sat down on the carpet. I slathered my tongue all over that delicious T-dick. I swirled it around with my lips and tongue, exploring its taste like wine. Asher’s delighted cries egged me on, inspired me to do more. Eventually, I laid him back on the couch, sucked on my fingers to make them slippery and wet, and then pushed them into my son’s bonus hole. Asher wailed with intense pleasure. I put my tongue in the savory space my fingers had just slid out of. I looked up at my boy. His precious face told me that he was desperate to cum. Asher’s hand wandered down towards his T-dick, but then hesitated and he looked at me as though for permission, or guidance. I encouraged my boy to touch himself whilst I sucked him off. I was so proud of my son. I asked him, after some time playing with his privates, if he wanted to do it with me. He nodded with undisguised enthusiasm. I showed Asher how to touch himself and I worked my hands and fingers like a magician. Soon, my son arched back and came. I kissed his oozing, soaking wet boy pussy. I realized most of my clothes were still on, lost as I had become in pleasing Asher. I hurriedly yanked them off and aimed my cannon of a cock right at my boy’s tiny extra entrance. I could neither hesitate nor go back. I simply buried myself deep inside of him and all the way to the hilt. Asher sang like an angel and I roared like a beast. My son’s tight fuck-tunnel was squeezing my monstrously hard cock like a fist. Damn, it felt awesome! We fucked passionately like that all evening. I lost count of all the times that I made Asher cum, but I remember the incredible sensation of my boy’s dripping wet slit, pulsating and gripping my cock. We both eventually, and simultaneously, erupted. Asher and I took quite some time to come down from his climax. As my massive load came pouring back out of my son’s well-fucked hole, I let out a long sigh of relief, happy that we both decided to stay in.
3. Taking a Break 27mn
Asher was being a good boy and washing the dishes when his Dad walked into the kitchen. Though the discipline of doing chores was important, Mr. Richards couldn’t help but interrupt the boy’s work—he waltzed over and began to let his hands roam all over Asher’s body. Ever since popping his boy’s cherry, Mr. Richards had not been shy about being affectionate with young Asher. Asher shuddered in excitement as his handsome, muscular dad felt him up. There was no ambiguity in what Mr. Richards wanted, and Asher could finish the dishwashing later. He turned around to oblige his Dad’s obvious signals—they locked lips. Mr. Richards’s hands ran down to the front of Asher’s pants, giving the fabric a firm rub and feeling the warmth underneath radiate. As their tongues danced, Mr. Richards unbuttoned his son’s pants and let them drop to the floor. He brought Asher onto the kitchen counter and made the boy present his hungry, wet mound. He did not hesitate to dive in face-first to taste his boy and the warm juices dripping out of him. Asher’s dad was masterful in how he used his tongue to flick and stroke the boy’s t-dick—he’d had practice, after all. Asher, the giving son that he is, wanted to return the favor. He hopped off the kitchen island as Mr. Richards’s pants dropped, his hard cock springing straight out for the boy to swallow whole. And so he did—Asher looked up, his mouth full of daddy dick, and locked eyes as he worked his mouth all over the swollen pole. The boy was going to get a good taste of every inch of his dad’s swollen meat: licking the head, sucking on it, licking his full balls… They loved it all. Mr. Richards had his obedient boy stand and turn around to lean over the kitchen island. Right then and there, he let his cock slide into his boy’s wet, hungry, and inviting FTM hole. Asher moaned as he felt every inch of his Dad invade his opening, filling him up. Mr. Richards began pumping, quietly grunting as his boy moaned from the steadily quickening thrusts. Mr. Richards became transfixed as he watched his son impale himself on his rigid daddy cock. Asher slid it in and out of himself with ease and gusto. Mr. Richards took back the reins and lifted one of Asher’s legs up, pumping in and out of him again, all while planting a deep kiss. He switched it up again, having a seat on a kitchen chair while guiding his boy to climb on top and take a ride on his sword. Mr. Richards saved the best position for last. Not wanting to cum just yet, the older man had his boy climb back on the kitchen island and lay at the end. He re-penetrated his boy’s hole and began pumping once again. With this view, he was able to see the heavenly expression on his son’s face as he slid in. Both of them grunted and moaned in unison. Mr. Richards stroked Asher’s swollen t-dick, riling the boy up. Asher began begging his dad to make sure he came inside him. Mr. Richards promised he would, of course, and as those words left his lips, he was sent over the edge by his boy’s begging for his seed. His balls tightened and he blew another load deep into his sweet boy’s starving hole.
4. Coming Home Late 25mn
Saying that my son Asher and I have developed an unorthodox relationship would be a massive understatement. Ever since we began to explore a sexual relationship, the line between it and my fatherly duties and responsibilities had become murky, particularly as my carnal desire for the boy became stronger and stronger. That’s not to say that both of those sides can’t coexist within me. But one certainly would hope that as a father, my paternal instincts would overpower my lust. One night, I realized it was well past Asher’s curfew. I sat alone in the dark, semi-frustrated, yet also appreciating the solitude. I couldn’t help but fantasize about giving him a stern talking to that seamlessly led into laying him over my lap and spanking his bare ass. I wanted to let my fingers “accidentally” slide in between his legs and linger longer than they should. I went back and forth in my head with this. Do I put on my “dad pants” and give him an actual lecture? No spanking? Would he or would he not be turned on by it? How would I even discipline him if he enjoyed the discipline? I don’t know how long I had been sitting there, but suddenly I heard the door open. As the lights flicked on, Asher came in. He was surprised to see me up, and naturally asked what I was doing sitting there in the dark like a weirdo. I was being weird, wasn’t I? Weirder even, the very second we made eye contact, I became completely disarmed. Instead of a stern talking to, I instead started rambling about being worried about “other men” and what they would do with him. Which was mostly a lie, mostly. I am, in fact, worried about bad men coming in contact with my FTM son, but I’d be lying if I hadn’t thought about other men having their way with him for me to see. Worse though, I think Asher knew he wasn’t ever really going to get into trouble not abiding by house rules. All he had to do was say “I love you, Dad” as he came in for an embrace, and any memory of punishing him vanished. His touch led into a kiss which sent my head spinning. Before I knew it, my pants had been unbuttoned and unzipped and I completely melted as I watched my cockhead pop into my boy’s mouth and rest on his tongue. He looked up at me as his head bobbed up and down. He let his tongue slide the length of my shaft, knowing I was completely at his mercy. He let me help him get undressed and I had him get on all-fours on the leather ottoman. The spanking fantasy rushed back into my head. But instead of turning those perky cheeks red with my big hands, I dove in face first to taste him. Every time I plunged into him it felt like the first time, yet always as forbidden and flavorful as the last. I let my big middle finger dip into his warm, wet hole as I let my tongue glide up and down his slit. It wasn’t long before I had him stand up against the railing of our stairs and I slid right up into him from behind. He was so warm, so inviting. He craned his head back as he cooed and moaned as I began to pump in and out of him, letting me kiss him as I did. Whether it was this position, or him riding me, or missionary—my personal favorite—my son looked sexy in all of them. If there’s anything I could guarantee at this juncture in our relationship, it’s that he’d always be ready to help me milk a load out of my cock with very little work. I shot all over his belly, realizing that it was I, perhaps, that needed to be punished. I was going to have to work at regaining my role as a serious parental figure… one that wasn’t absolutely spellbound by my boy’s bonus hole.
5. Cleaning Up 29mn
I arrived home after running some errands and was pleased to discover that my son Asher was already home from work. I was even more pleased when he announced that he desperately needed a shower–and asked if I would care to join. He didn’t have to ask me twice! As my sweet, sexy son and I entered the shower stall, I couldn’t help but notice that Asher hadn’t once taken his eyes off of me since I had arrived home. Honestly, I felt like the luckiest dad alive because these days, Asher doesn’t make any bones about his attraction to me. As we stood underneath the refreshing warmth of the shower spray, it was clear as day that Asher liked what he saw as he gazed at my wet body. His lust was confirmed by the look of giddiness in his eyes when I flexed my beefy pecs for him—which he always eventually begs me to do when I have my shirt off. I feel the same way about touching his tattooed body, tracing its firm musculature, kneading it till it yields. With a look of pure love and adoration, Asher went in for a kiss. My son and I have always been close, and so I fully acknowledge the fact that he looks up to me—he always has. But things have changed in the best way possible. Asher didn’t just look up to me, he wanted me. I really am the luckiest dad alive. As our shower concluded, I couldn’t help but notice that even after we had toweled off, Asher’s T-dick was still wet and eager. And he wasn’t the only one that, despite toweling off, was not fully dry in the nether regions: my cockhead was dribbling precum like you wouldn’t believe. I threw our towels to the side and instructed my son to follow me into my bedroom. We barely made it across the threshold before we started making out. My manhood bobbed up and down as my son’s cherry-red lips and bubble-gum tongue worked their magic. I couldn't keep my hands off of Asher’s fine, tiny-dancer shape and build. Regardless of how Mother Nature had formed Asher, his masculine transformation gave him a certain ruggedness that was most definitely appealing and easy on the eyes. Asher suddenly pushed me back on the bed. He had decided he was going to be in charge and show Daddy who’s a good cocksucker. For being so young still, Asher had really become quite a master at giving head. Asher’s oral training came straight from me—I taught him to use the same techniques and mind-blowing maneuvers that I used on my own father. My son demonstrated for me how even a tiny, little mouth such as his could now fairly easily take my entire girth with one swallow. The way Asher could use those juicy, cherry lips to suction onto my sensitive cockhead was something he had figured out how to do all on his own—I sure hadn’t taught him that! Head this amazing absolutely needed to be reciprocated. It took less than half a second for Asher to get into a 69 position after I told him to. The moans, cries and wails of our chemistry were noticeably getting more impassioned, even animalistic. I pulled Asher off of me and I rolled onto my back. Without a word, he jumped on top of me and giggled into my ear as he positioned his bonus hole and slid all the way down on my aching daddy dick. As Asher rode me, we couldn’t help but gaze at one another with wonder. How could a father and son get so lucky? Our sexual communion and evolution was hard to put into words. Luckily for us, because of how close we already were before Asher’s transformation, this massive leap in our relationship no longer needed words. We had gotten used to letting our eyes, tongues, and fingertips do the talking. Asher’s passion seemed to be unquenchable. It was damn near uncontrollable at times. This scared me a little bit, but only in so much as the thought of him ever leaving my side or even my bed was becoming less tolerable to me. I desperately tried to match his passion. I made love and fucked this boy in every position I could think of until I knew I had reached the point of no return. When I came, I think I may have counted eight or nine solid blasts from my rod. But I nearly passed out, delirious from the exertion as I was, so there may have been more. When I came to, I slowly pulled out of Asher’s still vise-tight bonus hole. The semen was already oozing out from around the girth of my shaft, but I was a dam blocking far more inside. Until, of course, I pulled out…
6. Daddy’s Boy 29mn
Sometimes I feel like no matter how much cock I get, and no matter how hard I get it, it still never feels like enough. I was always wet and ready to go! But I’m young and horny, what can I say? One afternoon I was scoping out the apps, which on the one hand always (eventually) netted me a jackpot, but on the other, took a lot of work and time to actually find said jackpot. I was in the kitchen, on my phone, exchanging some pics with some guy when my Dad walked in. He came and stood over me to see what I was looking at. I had absolutely nothing to hide from him at this point. Mr. Richards… my dad, you see, he’s one of those cockwielders I’ve been getting on the regular. Even though I knew I didn’t have to hide my sex-capades from him, time had taught me that my Dad had something of a protective-and-jealous side to him. I don’t think he wants to keep me all to himself per se—I even think he would love to be in the room while he watched someone rail me, or even be the one doing the railing in front of someone else—but I think he did often fear that maybe I would lose interest or get bored in him. Couple that with his natural fatherly instincts and yeah, let’s just say he had a hard time hiding that side of him whenever I was being out in the open with stuff like this. It’s interesting though, that a totally handsome DILF like my Dad had the same insecurities as anyone else. I just would’ve never guessed. Back in the kitchen. Dad stood over my shoulder, watching both my screen and then me and then back and forth for more than a few moments. He made some small talk about the whole thing, trying to play it cool. But before things got too awkward, he just came out and asked me if I’d rather just go up to his bedroom and he could give me what I was looking for. Took him long enough, but he should know by now that he could have me anywhere, everywhere, however he would like. It took a mere minute or two for us to zoom up in his room. It was a blur of movement—we were barely in there before his pants were sliding down past his knees and his long, thick knob was sliding down my throat. I always loved showing him my skills, which he would confirm by moaning while my head bobbed up and down, working my mouth over his meat with precision. Every time we would play, there would come a moment when suddenly I remembered I had my Dad’s cock in my mouth, and that thought alone could honestly soak my jeans. Soon enough, those jeans had to come off too though, and Dad asked me to swing myself around and sit on his face while I got back to work on swallowing his sword. The thought would get me wet again, except this time, the realization was that my hunky Dad had his tongue inside me, and boy did he know how to use it. His form and method was made all the better by being equal parts ravenous and tender. He was eating his trans son's bonus hole out, after all. Dad had me get on all fours and pulled a dildo out. He stuck it in and out of me as he jerked me off, his own cock stiff and rigid the entire time. It wasn’t long though before he had to get his own real meat back inside me. Now I was perfectly opened up and wetter than ever, making that slide inside even easier. My hole swallowed his cock and I turned my head to watch him slide in and out of me. It was hot seeing all his muscles flex with each thrust. He laid me down on my side and spooned me, sliding back inside and thrusting harder and deeper into me as his fingers rubbed my T-dick. I couldn’t hold back anymore—looking right at him, us breathing into each other’s mouths as he kept pumping in and out of me, I came and my whole body vibrated as he kept up the pace. After the haze of orgasm wore off he got on my back and slid into me once more. He was great at using his tongue, but knew how to use his stiff rod even better. I could tell he was trying to hold back his own nut as much as possible, but it was getting harder and harder for him to control as he picked up the pace. He began moaning loudly and as his balls tightened up, he pulled his cock out of me and sprayed my belly with all his cum. Do I really need the apps? Maybe, maybe not. But either way, it’s good to know I have a consistent backup plan right here at home.
7. First Time For Everything 24mn
When my dad informed me that my cousin Jordan was going to be in town for a weekend visit, I could hardly wait to see him again. When he finally arrived at our house, we all made plans to go out on the town, get caught up and have an otherwise fun boys-night-out.” Dad wanted to run upstairs and take a quick shower before we left. In the meantime, Jordan and I lounged on the couch together in the family room. I should tell you a little bit about my cousin. Jordan is only a few years older than I am, but his physical appearance is far more developed and matured. He’s a notorious gym rat—and boy, does he look the part! Ever since I was little, I always thought Jordan was the coolest of the cool. I wanted to be just like him. Truth be told, I’ve had a secret crush on him for the longest time. Just like in the romance novels our moms used to read, my cousin is tall, dark and handsome as fuck. He always had a hot date on tap. Both dudes and chicks alike line up around the block for him. So on that evening, we were sitting across from one another in the family room, waiting for my dad to finish up his shower and get dressed. When I initially entered the room, Jordan was already sitting down, peering intently at something on his phone. He kinda looked up and nodded upon seeing me, but then went right back to the phone. Knowing Jordan, I understood that his moderately aloof demeanor wasn’t personal. We weren’t necessarily as close as I would have liked, and our families lived far apart. That made me very fond of any time we got to spend together. And I loved to look at him. Along with a gorgeous, beefy, sculpted body, Jordan has a killer smile and deep, dark brown eyes that can see all the way into you. As I sat there on the couch, pretending to also be interested in my phone, I couldn’t help but stare. Somehow, my cousin just kept getting more and more attractive to me. I crossed my legs with just a slight hint of anxious anticipation. I wanted Jordan to look up and notice me so badly. The tall, beefy hunk sighed and leaned back against the couch cushions. The bulge in my cousin’s form-fitting jeans was difficult to ignore. When he casually adjusted his junk as he got comfortable… I’m not gonna lie, I got a little wet. Finally, I just couldn’t stand the awkward silence anymore. I feigned a cough and asked him what was up. The handsome heartthrob shrugged; He was originally supposed to hang out with some chick that he knew. However, Jordan was obligated to join his mother on this trip to visit his uncle Reese, my father. Ultimately, Jordan was bummed that he probably wasn’t going to get laid that night. I responded to Jordan’s admission by acknowledging that I, too, had imagined that I was going to hook up with a dude tonight. But then…well, I kept the rest to myself. I thought my cousin might have brought the conversation back around to his ‘not-girlfriend,’ but instead he sat straight up and inquired as to what this ‘dude’ and I liked to do sexually. Was this a dream? Suddenly, I found myself blurting out that when my ‘dude’ (How could I tell him it was my Dad?) and I were intimate, we literally did everything. I half-expected a possible knee-jerk reaction, but to my absolute delight, Jordan merely followed up that first explosive question with another. My cousin puckered his lips and asked me if I gave my ‘dude’ a blowjob. Fuck yeah I did. Jordan shot me an approving grin. Then he inquired if the ‘dude’ has a big dick. Fuck yeah he does. God, I was so turned on. I thought for a moment that I might spontaneously combust. Somehow, I managed to keep a straight face. Then, Jordan asked me if this ‘dude’ had fucked me. I nodded. Yes, he sure did fuck me. I should have seen the next question coming, but I was probably yet again just a half a step behind my canny, cunning cousin. Jordan promptly wanted to know if the ‘dude’ had cum inside of me. Uh huh. You bet he did. Now I have to make a confession. During this entire exchange I kept subtly glancing at Jordan’s notably snug package. I’d be damned if the lump in my cousin’s jeans wasn’t inflating more and more after each erotic inquiry escaped his lips. Jordan’s junk visibly jumped, twitched, and grew another half inch when I volunteered to let him know that when my ‘dude’ fucked me and came deep inside of me, I liked it. A lot. Jordan smiled and nodded. Then he looked me dead in the eye and said one sweet, heart-stopping word: “Hot.” Suddenly, Jordan put down his phone and placed his hand on his crotch—all the while maintaining hard eye-contact with me. At this point my underwear was pretty soaked. Honestly, anyone’s would be. I tossed my phone to the side and slid over to where Jordan sat. He didn’t stir at all, just moved his arm so that I had better access to touch and feel wherever and whatever I wanted to. I placed my hand on his inner thigh and squeezed. Then Jordan emitted a sharp exhale as my fingers moved closer to this bulging, throbbing package. Jordan smiled, all the while intently watching every move that I made. I steadily increased the intensity of my caress and massage. Jordan’s meat responded with a slight throb at every stroke and motion of my hands and fingers. I began unbuttoning his Calvin Klein’s. He immediately propped himself up and helped me pull his jeans down around his ankles. His penis obscenely sprung free of his jockeys. And fucking hell, it was huge. Clearly, Jordan and my father were of the same gifted DNA as they both were monstrously endowed. My cousin chuckled as I stared and admitted to him that his cock was easily one of the longest and thickest that I had literally ever seen. I could barely get my hand all the way around his girth. As I stroked his aching monster, I took the time to relish in how arousing it was to finally handle my cousin’s dick. Jordan’s smile never wavered. His eyes sparkled everytime I looked up at him to make sure he was still okay with what we were doing. I wondered how far we might go. I also wondered if he had ever been with a trans person before; My guess was no. I couldn’t help it that my t-dick tingled in my wet jockeys at the thought that this would be his first time…and that it was going to be with me. Jordan licked his lips. Now it was he who couldn’t take his eyes off of me. I knew exactly what he wanted because it was exactly what I had fantasized about since I can remember. I leaned over and brought my lips to his cockhead. The meaty, savory flavor of my cousin's glans was mouth-watering. As I enveloped as much of his man-meat into my salivating mouth as I could, Jordan tipped his head back and moaned. He stroked my back and fondled my ass as I took as much dick-length into my mouth as I could handle. As my widening jaw became more and more accustomed to Jordan’s giant shape inside my mouth, I could tell by his increasingly labored breathing that I was most definitely doing this right. As I hurriedly went back to downing the dude’s dick, he ran his large hands all over my smooth ass and crack. He amorously teased all of my private, sensitive crevices, triggering desire that I had only ever dreamed of. Silently, I wished and prayed that he would put his fingers inside. And boy, oh boy, I had no idea what I was in for! Clearly, Jordan had experience fingering. As I continued going to town on his incredible inches, he suddenly wet his fingers with his own saliva and began massaging the tender entry to my bonus hole. I was certainly already wet, but I realized when he put his fingers back into his mouth and tasted the stickiness on his fingertips that this was something that Jordan had probably thought about, but never dared attempt. Now, I was all his and he was all mine. Suddenly, we heard the showerhead from upstairs turn off. We both stopped what we were doing for just a split second and looked at one another. We knew we probably should move things along before my dad came back downstairs. Wordlessly, Jordan motioned for me to lie back on the couch. Once I was flat on my back, I spread my legs so the drooling beefcake boy could have complete access to whatever he wanted. Jordan leaned down and immediately started probing and exploring my ultra-sensitive boy-slit with a hunger and appetite I’d only ever experienced with my father. And just like a typical Richards man, Jordan wasted no time in burying his tongue as deep inside of my hole as he could. If I told you that I only came a little bit during this, I’d be lying. It got to a point where my bonus entry just started convulsing and pulsating the more that Jordan got into his magical bonus hole-eating skills. And if my t-dick were an old-fashioned rotary phone, it would have been ringing off the hook. Suddenly, Jordan rose from his carnal banquet and licked his chops. He slid me closer to him and grabbed his dick for what I could have sworn was a reenactment of my hottest wet dream. My cousin aimed it and pushed the enormous cockhead up against my teeny, wet entry. When he penetrated me it felt like he might split me in two. I had just enough brain power to start breathing again and took a large gulp of air. I tried to relax, but my libido was so ramped up, I thought I was going to have to plead for my cousin to hold me down. Finally, I felt Jordan’s nutsack graze against my slit. He had made the seemingly impossible task of fully penetrating me a reality. Only my father had ever made love to me like this. Passion was written all over Jordan’s face as his fuck-thrusts got more rapid and vigorous. Then, we heard the upstairs bathroom door open and shut. We really had to bolt to the finish-line now. Not that Jordan was probably going to last that much longer, anyway. At this point, he was ramming my hole at a feverish pace. The sweat trickled down his face. I wanted to lick it off, and I know I would have, but I felt yet another colossal orgasm about to wrack my petite frame again. As I arched my back and came, I clenched down with my love-tunnel as hard as I could. Jordan’s eyes popped open wide and my cousin let out a holler I’d never heard him make before as his massive cock swelled to even more massive proportions. The sheer amount of alpha-male spunk that erupted was quite the load. My own final climax found me damn near incoherent and muttering in an erotic-sounding language I didn’t realize I spoke. As Jordan’s jock cum streamed out of me while he slowly pulled out of my well-stuffed bonus hole, I couldn’t help but gaze back at my cousin in what I am sure looked like pure joy. Jordan’s never ceasing smile widened even further. I was falling hopelessly in love with that smile… and fast. As our heartbeats very slowly started feeling somewhat back to normal again, I thought I heard my dad call my name from upstairs. I knew Jordan and I had better find our pants and catch our breath or Dad might find out…!
8. Tell Me 25mn
It’s not lost on me that my son Asher could easily court whatever kind of man he wants. One look from those big beautiful blue eyes and, of course, the ever-present “aw shucks” expression on his face make it easy for unknowing horny men to fall under his spell. The idea of Asher getting railed every way from here to Sunday was one that both made me feel a natural fatherly unease, but also a not-so-very fatherly arousal. Ever since Asher and I started playing, I loved the fact that he gets to explore all facets of his sexuality with me, and on me. I loved that he could express himself sexually with the utmost comfort and safety in the arms—and in between the legs—of his dad. This balancing act of lover and father has become more and more tumultuous as time has gone on, though. I was protective of my boy, but am actively sexualizing him. I can’t seem to help myself on either of those. He too, seems to have a similar penchant for sexualizing his old man. I can’t count the amount of times we’ve been going about our respective days and routines and somehow, one way or another, our clothes fly off and my boy is begging to be filled with the seed that made him. Just a few days ago, I had told Asher’s slightly elder cousin Jordan to come visit us. I don’t know how or especially when, but the two rascals managed to act every bit their age and Jordan ended up sliding inside Asher. The thought of my nephew kissing my son, tasting my son, feeling my son was… enthralling, actually. A bit worrying, for all the obvious reasons, but on the other side of that is the fact that Asher is so hungry for cock that he couldn’t help but seduce his cousin. Knowing that makes my meat stiffen up instantly. As I found Jordan’s shirt under the couch while I was cleaning up, I let all these thoughts flood my mind. It took me a minute to remember that I could easily just go and ask Asher. I was already completely bricked up as I made my way up the stairs and into his room to ask. Asher, ever as open and honest with his dad as usual, was very forthcoming. He knew I was curious in more ways than one, so I asked him to not only tell me, but… …to show me. He welcomed the idea with a sheepish smile. I asked him to show me how they kissed. He planted a deep kiss on my lips; something tells me their kiss couldn’t have been as passionate. Our clothes began to make their way off our bodies, piece by piece. I proceeded to get a step-by-step sequence of events from Asher as to how his cousin ended up sliding his cock inside his bonus hole. I removed my boy’s pants and positioned myself between his legs and began to taste him. I asked him if Jordan worked his tongue on him like I did. I had Asher guide me to parrot my nephew’s movements and reenact them out on him. After working Asher up with my mouth, I removed my own shorts and let my long stiff cock spring free. It throbbed more and more with each little sequence. I drove it into Asher’s hungry wet mound, missionary first, before spooning him and sliding in for some long, intense thrusts. At this point, the reenactment had all but ended. I got Asher on all fours and began to pound him more vigorously. We did it all. We did everything from lapping up his wet hole to dipping my stiff rod into its warmth. Sex between the two of us was always a treat, but I couldn’t stop thinking of how hot it would’ve been to watch him get pounded by someone else. Or better even, having someone else watch me pound him. Maybe even Jordan and I, two muscular men, sharing this angel-faced twink between us. As I was building to an explosive climax with these images running through my head, Jordan suddenly appeared in the very open doorway! Oh yeah, this is going to happen…
9. Understanding 30mn
I had only been staying with my cousin Asher and my Uncle Reese for a day or two and it was already easily the best visit with them I’d ever had. Both of them are super hot in different ways. As someone who loves guys of all ages and builds, Uncle Reese’s daddy vibes and Asher’s sexy twink thing were both right up my alley. I had fantasized about the two of them while jerking off, but I never thought I’d ever actually score with one, let alone both of them. Cousin Asher was easy enough to get in the bag: we’re just close enough in age, and I know he’s also gay. All it took was a little probing, and based on whatever reaction I got, I would proceed. Asher was extremely forthcoming and did very little to hide the fact that he was just as into—and excited about—the prospect of hooking up with his cousin. Before I knew it, I was pumping a load into him right there on the couch. The next day though, things got even more interesting. I was taking a nap in the afternoon and when I woke up, I noticed the house was weirdly quiet, save for some muffled voices and movements. I went up the stairs and as I got closer and closer to the bedrooms I realized the voices were actually moans. I walked into Asher’s room and my eyes could have exploded out of my head, Uncle Reese was going to town, pounding Asher hard, fast, and deep. My sudden entry must have spooked my Uncle, though, because they stopped. We all moved to the living room and the very couch I had fucked Asher on just the day before. I let my Uncle know that he could trust me with their secret, and Asher vouched for me as well. Uncle Reese had a little trepidation, naturally, but he also knew that I had hooked up with my cousin consensually. It didn’t take long for my Uncle to take his boy’s pants off and let him present his bonus hole for me to eat out. I went to town until Asher was shuddering from an orgasm right into my mouth. Uncle Reese kissed him as he came a second time. My Uncle and I stood up off the couch and released our hard cocks, Asher took both our cocks on like a pro, sucking one while stroking the other, making sure to make eye contact with whichever man’s cock he had stuffed in his hungry little mouth. Uncle and I rubbed our big mushroom heads together as Asher let his tongue roll over them. It was all too much; I needed to get my cock inside him. Uncle Reese agreed: he laid Asher out for me on his back first, giving me first dibs. My Uncle watched as my cock dipped into Asher’s wet, hungry hole and disappeared. I pounded him until I got close. Not wanting to cum yet, I tagged in Uncle Reese. I wanted to watch my sexy, beefy Uncle penetrate his son. Asher got on all fours and placed his face between my legs as his Dad slid into him from behind. He used my cock as a pacifier while his own father pumped his cock in and out of him. We switched spots again, but it was too much for me this time. I couldn’t hold it back and between his Dad’s encouragement and Asher’s own moans, I blew a huge wad of cum inside that extra entrance. But we weren’t done with his hole just yet—Uncle Reese got back in there and painted his son’s insides with his own load of daddy cum, leaving Asher cream-filled to the brim!
10. Close Cousins 25mn
Since I found out my hot cousin, Jordan, was into me, I’ve gotten his pants off every chance I can. It’s funny, though, even after my dad caught us and joined in, Jordan still worried about whether my dad cared if we fuck. I guess I get it: he’s older, and we’re family, so it’s not like we can just walk away from each other if things went bad. I want to think that he just can’t believe how lucky he is to get to fuck me. Seriously, I’m just glad that he wants to. Jordan was only going to be here for a few more days, though. When my dad first told me that he was coming to visit, I actually resented it a little bit. He’s nice and I’ve always really liked him. We’re only a few years apart in age but there’s a time when you were a kid that even a few years was a lot. We were just getting past that and starting to bond with each other again when he moved away. The distance started to grow again, and I came out as trans. I wasn’t sure if we were growing apart because we were far apart and sort of busy with our own lives or whether he didn’t like me any more. When my dad said Jordan and his mom were coming to visit, that doubt started eating me up. I just straight up called him and told him that I needed to know how things were between us. He said that everything was fine and he was cool with it. I guess I’ve turned into a real slut, though. Even though I was looking forward to seeing him now more than ever, I just couldn’t help resenting it a little bit that I wouldn’t have any fun time with my dad for a whole week. We’ve never gone more than a few days without sex since our first time. One time, my dad admitted that he and my mom never fucked as often as we do. I think that was probably mostly because mom didn’t want to. She was never very affectionate. Still, I felt kind of proud of myself that I was that irresistible. Self esteem was a difficult thing for most young guys, but it’s especially hard when you are trans. You know that’s difficult for some people to accept, and you just don’t have that many guys to compare yourself to. Mostly though, I’m just glad that I can give my dad that much pleasure. It was obvious how much he enjoys fucking me, now that we are past the taboo about fathers having sex with their sons. I see other men that I want, but as long as my dad was keeping me busy and satisfied, I just didn’t have the time, or maybe the courage, to chase them. That has been another good thing with getting together with Jordan. He’s my cousin that I’ve known my whole life, but it was still a little bit riskier than dad. Sometimes I thought about me and my dad just being lovers and spending the rest of our lives together. I’m not sure that’s the healthiest thing for me, though. I’m young and I should be exploring, at least a little bit. I wished Jordan lived closer. I know he likes girls, too, and it wouldn’t be like he was my second lover, or something but I know if he was closer, we would both want sex between us to be a regular thing. That’s not happening, though, so we’ll just have to make the most of the time we have. Today, we had a few minutes alone and I wanted to have some fun, but he was worried. I told him that I tell my dad everything and it turns him on. I mean, I will tell my dad about what me and Jordan did, and I know he doesn’t care. It definitely turned him on watching us. The truth was, though, that it’s not like I’m running around with lots of other men and doing stuff to talk about. It made Jordan feel better. I love my cousin so much! He’s a great lover. With him it was about more than just fucking. We made love. I thought he liked watching me come almost as much as he liked it himself. Don’t get me wrong, my dad was great! Nobody will ever fuck me like he does. Jordan will just lay there kissing me and fingering my hole all day, if I let him, though. I don’t think other guys will be like that. Truth is, that I could’ve laid there sucking his cock all day, too. It was nice and long, almost too long to get it all in my mouth, but I loved the taste of him and his scent. It was so hot when he moaned and forced my head down on him. I knew I was pleasing him as much as he was pleasing me. When he rolled me over so that I was on top and he could chow down on my bonus hole while I sucked his cock, it was the best thing in the world. He loved to make me come like that, but I wouldn’t let him because I wanted him to fuck me. That’s what he wanted, too. His cock fit my bonus hole so perfectly. Damn! He knew how to use it, too. He could fuck for ages and make me come. He started fucking faster and moaning louder and I knew he was going to fill my hole up!
11. Afternoon Passion 32mn
It was a beautiful Sunday morning. My son Asher and I had woken up in each other’s arms, excited for the day because my sister was going to drop off my nephew Jordan with us while she ran a few small errands. Once Jordan arrived and his mother left, we figured that we had a little under an hour to spend together. We all just kinda gaped at each other and, let’s be perfectly honest here--the sexual tension was off the charts. All three of us had one thing in mind. But did we have time? The thing is, ever since the sexual relationship between Asher, Jordan, and I really started taking off, we admitted to one another that there was not much else that crossed our minds. But, with Jordan’s mother present more often than not, it was a little tricky at times finding a free moment alone where the three of us could follow our fantasies. Well, when I was surrounded by those two, I was already full mast. I could see that Jordan was as well! Fuck it. Let’s just do this! Half a second later, Asher sprang into Jordan’s beefy arms and they immediately started sucking face. I watched, transfixed, as my gorgeous, super-model beefcake nephew’s hands roamed all over my son’s tiny little fit body. Asher trembled slightly as his tall, older cousin cupped his slender bottom and pulled the trans teen even closer to him. My own longing was so powerfully potent at this point all I could do was lie back onto the bed. I stroked the bulge in my slacks as I watched Asher and Jordan’s tongues swirling playfully in and out of each other’s mouths. Then suddenly, Jordan pushed Asher onto the bed, so I moved my body closer. My son’s head and shoulders settled nicely up against my crotch. Meanwhile, Jordan had Asher’s jeans down in an awful hurry. Asher looked up at me and beamed—he loved being the center of our attention. I quickly pulled my pants off and let the boy play with my hard-on all he wanted. I looked over while Asher was stroking me and noticed that Jordan was playing with my son’s genitals. My nephew was a notorious fan of pussy in general, so he was right at home. Asher started hiccuping and gasping as Jordan’s fingering caused the FTM knockout to get soaking wet in seconds. I stroked Asher’s face and moaned right along with him as Jordan masterfully toyed with his tender boy bits. Then Jordan replaced his fingers with his tongue. Good thing Asher was gripping my cock still or else we might have had to peel the boy off the ceiling! I looked down at my dripping-wet darling and wondered aloud if it was time for Jordan and I to get some hot oral. You should have seen the big smile that crossed Asher’s face! So I nudged Jordan to try and break him free temporarily from the boypussy spell that he’d fallen into. I was fully naked by now, but Jordan had been so preoccupied, he was still fully dressed—but not for long! Jordan and I cuddled one another side-by-side up against the headboard. We lovingly watched Asher’s tongue go back and forth between my nephew’s enormous erection and my own. I was simply caught up in this steamy daze, mesmerized at how hot it was to watch my son suck my dick and then drool all over his cousin’s rod. Next thing I knew, Asher climbed over Jordan and immediately sat down on the beefy boy’s huge dick. The trans hottie’s own juices plus Jordan’s copious precum were all they needed to fit together perfectly. I wanted in, too! I ended up getting behind Asher as he rode Jordan and I teased his taint with the wet tip of my cock head. I nudged all his FTM sweet-spots in all the right places at just the perfect moments. Asher’s body shook and rocked itself instinctually back and forth, up and down, never stopping. I desperately needed to fuck my son and Jordan could see by the look in my eye that I needed it now. Asher simply flipped from the front to the back and welcomed me with his boyslit gaping and ready for Daddy to enter. Jordan and I took turns banging that hole deep and hard. Asher was beyond bliss and excitement. We handled, hoisted, and bandied his petite little body about and between us with ease. Then the joy of my life happened. Asher clung to me as I drilled his hole and he climaxed. His love tunnel clenched my cock and I came, too. Hard. Jordan cooed and applauded our passion on display and I just knew he couldn’t help hoping some of that sticky boy-juice of Asher’s might find his tongue somehow. My nephew’s own rocket cumshot deep inside my son was all that I could have ever hoped for. Jordan and Asher had this natural chemistry from the time they were just little boys. And now they were achieving new heights in both their familial and carnal relationships. It was so fucking amazing to watch first-hand…
12. All to Myself 24mn
I know that my son Asher and his cousin Jordan have been fooling around, but I guess I underestimated just how strong their bond had gotten. Asher was noticeably saddened when his cousin left the house, despite my being excited to have my son all to myself again. What can I say? It still turns me on thinking about the way I had shared my boy with Jordan like that. The bond between Asher and I had gotten considerably stronger since, so maybe it isn’t all that hard to believe that a similar bond could be forged between two cousins. I almost feel selfish in my desire to have my son all alone with me. It is one thing to be naughty alongside another man, especially alone with another family member, but right now I feel a longing to have a night with just daddy and son. Sitting on my bed as my son gazed across the room at me with those big beautiful eyes, I feel that desire overtake me again now as I lean forward for a kiss. When they talk about sparks flying, it doesn’t even compare to the fireworks that go off when I hear my boy moaning against my lips, opening his mouth to let my tongue wrestle with his. It drives me wild, the way his smaller frame hugs my muscular build so effortlessly as our bodies melt together. I feel Asher’s hand rest on my growing hard-on, my cock throbbing at his touch. I rip my pants off to give myself some relief and watch my son’s eyes light up seeing my big boner wave at him. He gives it a few good strokes before I strip off Asher’s shorts to even the playing field. I don’t know what comes over me, but I am so excited to be playing with my boy that I end up lifting him and throwing him down into a 69 position so we can attack each other orally. My son slurps on my cock like it was the best thing he had ever tasted, deepthroating me as though it came as second nature to him. Seeing his boypussy lips before me awakened an animalistic hunger. I spread his bonus hole open with my strong fingers and my tongue explored Asher’s cavern. He tastes so amazing! I even catch myself nibbling at his pretty pink entrance. I tell my son I want him to ride me and he is quick to follow my instructions. Such a good boy. He starts straddling my thick torso and before we both know it my twink son is lowering himself down onto the cock that made him. I reach around to grab his round bubble butt, pulling him closer and fucking him deeper, the only sound is him whimpering as he wiggles on daddy’s dick. It’s never a question to me as to whether or not Asher is enjoying himself. The boy moves into position so I can fuck him from behind and turn his head to lock his eyes on mine, ensuring I see how honest his moans truly were. Asher collapses onto the bed in downward-dog and begins to finger his bonus hole furiously as I encourage him to gaze at himself in the mirror at the end of the bed. My son’s eyes roll back in his head when he sees the image of his muscular dad thrusting with all of his might. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t catch myself beaming at the beautiful image myself! The most satisfying thing about how strong our bond has become is that I can almost always make my son orgasm as my cock throbs inside him. Not only that, but he is such a trooper he’ll continue to let me ride him until I blow my load too. There truly is nothing like having my son all to myself!
13. House Guests 25mn
My son Asher and I always look forward to the annual Richards Family Reunion. Every year, a different family member hosts the festivities for a week, usually in the springtime or summer. This year, my younger brother Dylan took the initiative and invited all relatives to his hundred-acre ranch. Asher was thrilled since Dylan lives several hundred miles away in the country and we only get to see him a few times a year. On Friday afternoon, we pulled up to the main house of Dylan’s sprawling ranch estate. It was a gorgeous drive into the country and Asher could hardly contain his excitement. When Dylan opened the door, he gave both my son and me a big bear hug, grinning from ear to ear. After some happy hellos and catch-up chat, Dylan led Asher and I upstairs to where we would be sleeping during the week. When my brother pointed out a room far down the hallway that he had chosen for Asher to use, I could feel the boy’s excitement cool just a bit. Inadvertently trying too hard, I made up some lame offering that Asher and I could bunk together in one room to save space for the other family members who had yet to arrive. Dylan was kind enough to explain that there were more than enough rooms to house everyone comfortably, and that he imagined Asher would appreciate his own private space, since he wasn’t a small child anymore. Well, heck. What could I say in response that wouldn’t arouse any unnecessary suspicion? I thanked Dylan for his hospitality. Separate rooms would be “just fine”. Asher kept a straight face, but I could tell he was annoyed. Oh, well. Asher couldn’t always have me at his side every night. We’d figure it out. Later, as I was in my own guest room unpacking, I couldn’t help but casually look down the hall and peek at my son. Asher’s body language seemed fine, but he wasn’t smiling anymore. I strolled down the hallway and did my best to stay upbeat. I reminded Asher how excited he’d been to see his Uncle Dylan. Didn’t he want to have a good time at the family reunion? Asher replied that although he was indeed very pleased to see his uncle and the rest of the extended family, it was starting to bother him how he and I had to hide our romantic love for one another. He wasn’t happy with the indiscreet discretions anymore and the obligation to pretend was wearing him out. While I completely understood and even agreed with my son, I also wasn’t ready to reveal our love to just anyone. We had to remember that Dylan had generously offered his home space to stay. If he were to find out about us, I assumed that he probably wouldn’t understand and—in the worst case scenario—would ask us to leave. The ultimate reality is that we would only be here a week. Asher offered a sober nod. He said that he understood, but held his ground about the disappointment of having to sleep in separate rooms. I took my son’s hand to try and comfort him. Suddenly, Asher pulled it away and I drew a sharp breath… as it was purposefully placed on my inner thigh. Asher huffed a dramatic sigh and made a quip about how “hard” it was to keep our love a secret. I tried to stifle a naughty grin and placed my own hand on top of Asher’s so it couldn’t go up my thigh to set my loins on fire. I promised my son that I would figure out a way to sneak into his room after midnight… It was zero-dark-thirty. I could instinctively feel my boy’s need from all the way down the hallway. I held my breath as I tip-toed very quietly into Asher’s room. I flipped the light switch on. The persistent pretty-boy was sitting on the bed- waiting for me. I could see plain as day that Asher was ready to fuck. And damn, he looked good. My boy gazed at me with those clear-blue eyes as I sat down next to him on the bed. I was worried that if Asher and I started fooling around that we’d wake somebody up and then it would be all over. He promised to be quiet. My mind knew better than to take such a risk, but my body was seriously ready to tear this kid’s clothes off and pound his tight little bod into the mattress. All hesitation vanished as Asher dove in for a kiss. We swapped quite a lot of saliva, then I stood him up and yanked his pajama bottoms down. I could see a wet-spot soaking through his cute underwear. I played with the sexy lump of Asher’s T-dick over the jockeys. I had to clamp a hand over the boy’s mouth as he cried out in primal, uncontrollable heat. Soon, I had Asher’s underwear completely off, licked my fingers wet, then tickled all around the sticky boy’s dripping bonus hole. He hopped into my lap and I really started going to town on that luscious slit. I had to bury my tongue inside the horny hottie’s mouth as he couldn’t stop moaning and carrying on like I knew he would. My boy came several times during our play, then he pushed me back onto the mattress and pulled the bulging erection from out of my jeans. Asher sucked on my aching hard-on until I was good and slicked up. He then pounced into my lap and sank down on my huge shaft. I had to shush him again and again as the boy insisted on riding me. Between fucking my son’s incredibly tight wet hole and us simply careening off the edge of control, I started to lose track of our noise volume. Before I could regain control of my senses, I realized that Asher and I were really making the bed rock and my boy was hissing hot steam with every one of my deep, upward thrusts. I don’t know what made me look, but all the sudden I saw Dylan standing in the entryway– seemingly motionless, bare chested, just outside the door—which I had mistakenly left ajar. I probably should have cared, slowed down, stopped—something. But I didn’t. I couldn’t have stopped if I tried. And also, I noticed almost immediately that Dylan was touching himself as he watched. I subtly glanced up again. I could see Dylan had stepped back slightly so now all I could see was the outline of him in silhouette. I offered up a wolfish grin and then put Asher into the doggy position. If Dylan wanted to see a fucking hot finish, well, I was going to give it to him…and my son. Asher rocked back on my dick as I pounded deeper into his bonus hole. I felt him clench and spasm, then cum yet again. I couldn’t hold back any longer. I went full frontal assault with my cannon cock and then blasted my load. I looked up at the open door again. I could’ve sworn I heard Dylan emit a long, low moan; but maybe that was…me? Fuck, maybe both! All I knew for sure at that moment was that the secret was out. Although, truthfully, I had a gut feeling that all my worries had been for nothing. Dylan was out of sight now. Probably back to his room. Still touching himself? I would’ve liked to have known…! I planned on falling asleep with my amazing son in my arms. Heck, maybe we’d wake up in the night and have another go; maybe this time we’d be less inhibited. All I knew for absolute certain was that the morning would bring some interesting conversation around the breakfast table!
14. Valentine 23mn
I’m hosting the annual Richards family reunion this year, and last night, the festivities really started off with a bang! You see, around 1 A.M., I heard moaning coming from one of the guest rooms. Naturally, I went to make sure all was okay. The door was slightly ajar and when I approached, I saw my young nephew Asher getting absolutely fuck-hammered by his father—my older brother—Reese! I’m sure you can guess how blown away I was by such a sight, but if I’m being perfectly honest, at the same time I was immediately and utterly turned on. I think my nephew is cute as fuck and I’ve admittedly had more than a few fantasies about him. The fact that he was banging my brother got me super excited. Naturally, I wanted to know more, but I also knew that I probably should keep it to myself that I happened upon their sexual activities—for now. The next morning, while Reese was upstairs taking one of his famous hour-long showers, I took the opportunity to hang out and converse with Asher, who was casually playing around on his phone at the island in the kitchen. I asked the trans teen if he had a Valentine crush he was seeing recently. He coyly shrugged and nodded. I wasn’t deterred by Asher’s vague response. I pressed on and asked what this ‘special someone’ was like. The cheeky cherub deadpanned me and replied that the dude in question was “nice” and “kind.” Next, I asked how long Asher and the ‘mystery fellow’ have known one another. I chuckled to myself when the twink pretended to calculate and then answered with: “awhile.” Ha! I could be clever, too. So I followed up with a complimentary lead-in: I postulated that Asher was wise to “vibe well” with his partner before “getting too deep.” Asher could barely suppress a grin, I noticed, after my statement. I could also clearly see that the purposefully ambiguous twink wasn’t going to give an inch here. So I quickly took a different tack: my nephew and I don’t see each other nearly as often as we’d like, considering how far apart we live from one another. But we’ve always been able to talk openly about pretty much anything. The truth of the matter is that, although I was wildly curious about the extent of Asher’s relationship with my brother, I also wanted the boy to trust me completely. I was surprised when I found the two of them fucking each other’s brains out, but after the initial shock wore off, I thought it was pretty awesome and I really couldn’t think of anything else for the rest of the night. I might have pressed a bit too hard with the trust card because Asher was curious as to why I wanted to know so much about his sex life. I quickly assured the boy that I respected his privacy. I just wanted to let him know that there was no topic out of bounds, nothing that the boy couldn’t tell me. I could keep a secret, too. Asher took a moment to consider. Then he confessed that his lover was older—quite a bit older. I had to suppress my own grin at that comment. Then Asher described how tall, muscular, and “big” his older lover is. I was starting to feel a little “big” in my pants as the conversation continued. Finally, I threw caution to the wind and asked what Asher liked to do sexually with this well-endowed, older guy. And to my great surprise, the cute, quirky boy clicked his tongue and basically asked me if I would be interested in a live demonstration. Fuck yeah I would! Asher reached out and put his hand on my crotch. Then he leaned in and kissed me—a juicy, sensuous kiss. I pulled back momentarily; I respect my brother and, for just a second, I felt a pang of guilt. Asher assured me that his fella wouldn’t mind. In fact, apparently, the “mystery man”, would actually like hearing about what was about to happen between us. Asher and I made out like two lust-struck fools. Hands, lips, fingertips, and tongues went everywhere. I eventually peeled his jeans off, then hoisted the trans hottie up onto the counter top. The boy splayed his creamy thighs apart and revealed the already-slippery boy-slit. I took a deep breath and then dove right in. I sucked Asher off like a mad fiend—and I was thorough about it, too. My tongue didn’t miss a morsel. Fucking delicious. And between Asher’s loud gasps and his pulling my face right into his tender, precious sweet meats, I felt the electricity of our need to fuck rise to urgent levels awfully quick. I should also note that Asher’s insanely hot T-dick was bright pink and oozing so much sauce that I just had to lick clean every drop. The moaning hottie never once dried up. I was eventually able to just slide my iron-hard thickness right into that bonus hole. Filled it right up to the hilt, too. As Asher and I fucked each other with a rabid carnality, I silently hoped and wished that Reese might finish his shower a little early and catch us in this magnificent frantic fuck. To no avail, however, as the combination of Asher’s heavenly bonus hole and my own animal craving was becoming more than I could take. I kept moving the horny boy into different positions in the meantime, hoping I might last just a little longer. But when Asher insisted that he absolutely needed to see my massive load, how could I deny him? My throbbing cock blasted off all over Asher’s back the moment I pulled out and the boy looked right at me and moaned while hungrily licking his lips. Man, the cumshot was insane! I hadn’t shot a wad like that in ages! Hot, thick cream coated the FTM wet dream’s smooth, silky back and ass mounds. I sunk my still fully erect, still aching girth back inside the boy’s still wet, pulsating, oozy slit. Asher and I moaned and kissed. As I wrapped my arms around my nephew, I couldn’t help but immediately start fantasizing about the possibilities of future family fun during the next several days…!
15. Heart-Throb 25mn
I took a deep breath and exhaled. No more delays. It was about time that I made peace with my conscience and confess to my older brother Reese just what I had done; well, what his son Asher and I had done together anyway. The other morning, my nephew and I had engaged in a rousing heart-to-heart, no-holding-back kind of talk. One thing led to another and before I knew it, Asher and I were passionately fucking each other’s brains out. The next day, when I entered the kitchen to grab a quick cup of joe, I unexpectedly found Reese there working on his laptop. He had a very serious expression on his face and I worried that perhaps this wasn’t the best time to be making potentially life-altering confessions. But ultimately, I knew that the longer I waited, the messier things could get for everyone so I just went for it. Reese glanced up from his laptop as I approached and cleared his throat. My brother must have seen something in my demeanor that demanded his full attention, because he immediately snapped off his laptop. He gave me a long look, then implored with a barely concealed cringe of dread what was wrong. To be honest with you, I wasn’t the only one around here harboring a bombshell secret. And by the looks of it, my brother was just as apprehensive as I was about that fact. I sat down next to Reese and looked him right in the eye. I informed my brother that I knew about him and Asher being in a sexual relationship. Well, I’d never seen a tanned dude turn white as a sheet before! Suddenly, compulsively, I made a slightly risky move and decided not to confess to my own naughty behavior, at least not right away. I kind of wanted to see where the conversation was going to lead. The uncharacteristic look of sheepishness and anxiety on Reese’s face was simply too much. I quickly assured him that although I was thrown off by my discovery of him and Asher being together physically, the bottom line was that I could definitely tell that the trans teen was very happy. And how could he not be? My brother Reese has been the heart-throb of this family and always will be. Reese’s deep-set dark eyes softened as he considered what I had told him. Something must have clicked with my brother because all the sudden, he just shot me a little smile. Then he straight up asked me if I was attracted to Asher. I couldn’t help but grin. I sure the fuck was, but I quickly added another confession: that I was hot for Reese as well. You should have seen the look on my brother’s face. Then he just reached out and kissed me. Wow. I absolutely kissed him back. Hard. And wet. You know we couldn’t hold back any longer. We started making out like we were teenagers! Finally we came up for air and then out of nowhere, with a manly, bellowing cry, Reese hollered for Asher to come downstairs. The blond cutie came into the room and looked curiously at the both of us sitting there licking our chops, smiling wolfish smiles. A thousand questions must have filled the boy’s mind. Reese assured Asher with a big, warm smile and a quick hug that all was well in the world. Then he gave his son a devilish wink and asked the boy if he might be interested in bringing his adoring uncle in on their secret fun. Asher shot me a questioning glance. Then a quick, confused look back at his father. The poor boy. What was he supposed to think? I put my own arm around the blond angel. Reese, too. The three of us gazed upon one another longingly in such a soul-hugging moment none of us were soon to forget. And then the spell was broken and we just started going at it…! Jeans were peeled off of shaking bodies. Tongues twirled, found skin, lips parted to give another kiss. Hands all over. It was a smorgasbord of sensuality and delight. Then there was the unveiling of the boypussy. Reese and I grinned from ear-to-ear. We moved the action out of the kitchen and into the living room. There, Reese laid back on the couch and Asher laid back against his father. The dripping teen dream spread his creamy thighs and my lips couldn’t get to that strawberry slit fast enough. And who knows? Maybe you might have thought I would have been self-conscious with my brother watching me devour his son’s bonus fruit, but you’d be so wrong! And good thing Reese is a big, strong dude because he literally had to hold Asher down while I feasted. That T-dick pulsed in my mouth I don’t know how many times. Wasn’t long before my nephew was delirious and wild with uncontrollable need. The boy needed his daddy’s dick inside of him. Asher begged the both of us to keep making him cum. Like he needed to even say it! I thought it was really hot when Reese was pounding the boy hole in the doggy position and staring at me at the same time. I decided to overwhelm them both, so I reached out and slipped my tongue into my brother’s mouth and felt up his beefy pecs. Meantime, I shoved my long, thick cock into Asher’s mouth. We went at it like this all afternoon. I think my favorite moment was towards sunset when Reese launched an incredible load up into Asher. The boy had been riding his father and was using the seed that I’d planted deep inside of him just a few minutes before as lube- not that he really needed it, wet and slick as the boy constantly was. After my brother blew his wad, he slowly pulled out and while Asher’s boypussy was convulsing with another post-orgasm aftershock, the jism just spilled out. The trans teen was simply beside himself. There was this awesome moment where all of us were just kind of trying to catch our breaths and smiling like fools- fools forever in love, that is…!
16. Can’t Wait 23mn
Ever since the first time he got a taste of my dick, Asher has had something of an overactive sex drive. A few weeks ago, though, we went to spend a week on my brother’s ranch for the annual family reunion. The first night we were there, Asher just had to have his bonus hole worked over, the risks of getting caught be damned. He was accustomed to sleeping in my bed, and he was already upset that my brother had given us separate rooms. The little scamp knows I can’t say “no” to those adorable puppy dog eyes. So, after midnight when I was certain everyone was asleep, I snuck down the hall to his room. I was actually thinking it would be kind of hot to wake my boy up for a fuck, but he was sitting on his bed waiting and he pounced on me the moment I walked in the door. Asher is a noisy little slut when he’s getting pounded and I knew he wouldn’t be able to stay quiet. When he got me hard and flashed his juicy bonus hole at me, I was helpless to resist him and soon we both lost all sense of caution. Just when I was in my last lap pounding him as hard as I could doggy style, I looked over toward the door and saw my brother standing in the hall watching. For a moment my life flashed before my eyes, and then I noticed his hand was down his pants. That spurred me on to really put on a show. At the very least, we were going to have an interesting conversation at breakfast. As it turned out, my brother had already fucked Asher before I even finished my morning shower. Having two lovers has turned Asher into an absolute nymphomaniac. In his defense, my brother and I couldn’t get enough of his pussy and pretty much fucked him non-stop. Unless he was just getting out of the shower, I don’t think there was ever a time that Asher didn’t have cum dripping out of his hole. Not that he minded. When we got home it was clear that he missed his uncle; so much so that I actually felt a little bit jealous. It never mattered before, but Dylan is four years younger than me and, true or not, I always thought he was better looking. Unfortunately, his place is more than an hour away from us in the country. I don’t worry about the competition, but do realize the distance means Asher doesn’t often get to spend time with new playmate, either. That sudden deprivation, especially so soon after Asher’s world opened up to more than just sex with me, the sudden freedom for both of us of having at least one person we didn’t have to hide from, has seriously made him insatiable. I can say that I can’t get enough of my son, and it really is true. At the same time, I can barely keep up with him. After all, he’s twenty and I’m 43. They say “40 is the new 30,” but tell that to my cock. Not that there's anything wrong with it, but it’s not 30 anymore. They also say, “the spirit is willing but the flesh is…” well, not all it once was. Asher has instant recovery and I need a little while to recharge. I’m very fortunate that I work from home but Asher doesn’t always see me as busy when I’m actually on-the-job. There’s no difference to him between me scrolling through my social media on my laptop while relaxing in bed and my trying to get some work done there on a weekday. I’ve tried to explain it to him but, when he gets that itch in his bonus hole, absolutely nothing – except maybe bondage – will keep him away from my dick. We haven’t explored that yet, but maybe we should. I don’t think there would be any torture that I could inflict that would be as effective as just tying him to his bed, getting his pussy hungry for dick, and then walking away. Yesterday he gave me a few hours of peace and, just as I was really getting into the work groove there he was, crawling into my bed with that mischievous horny grin on his face. As usual, he wouldn’t take “no” for an answer and, as soon as he grabbed my crotch and got me hard, I couldn’t have said “no” if I had tried. He had my pants off in a flash. I have to say, even with his limited experience he gives better blowjobs than I’ve ever had in my life. Sometimes it’s almost painful trying to decide which of his holes I want to shoot my load in. For Asher, there is no question. He’ll swallow my load if I tell him to but he would always rather have it dripping out of his pussy. Today, he got his wish. He gave me expert head for a while and then I ripped his pants off and went down on his bonus hole. He tastes better than any I’ve ever eaten and my tongue pushed him over the edge into his first orgasm of the afternoon. I then started to fuck him. That’s one thing about a trans boy, especially one as oversexed as my son. He can take everything I can give him, cumming over and over again, and still be ready for more. I fucked Asher all over the bed until I just had to shoot. I pulled out and it only took a few strokes to shoot a wet sticky load all over my son’s creamy peach of an ass. He immediately rolled over and took my still dripping cock in his mouth to taste my seed, looking into my eyes as he did it. Then, he sat back playing with his t-dick and grinning at me. I didn’t need to read his mind to know what he wanted. I told him that it was time for me to get some work done and shooed him out of bed before he could test my resolve, again. I mean, really, how can a man be expected to work when he has a hot little trans fuck toy sitting on the bed begging for dick?
17. Still Watching 19mn
Things could have gone badly when my brother found out that I had fucked Asher. Of course, I already knew that Reese was fucking his son when I did it, and it’s not like I planned it. Not really. Asher is a little horndog, I think. If he’s not fucking half the neighborhood back home it’s just because he hasn’t gotten around to it. I’m pretty sure I’m the only man he’s had besides my brother, though. It gets me hard just thinking about that! Reese was cool with it, though, and he’s even shared his son with me. It feels totally natural now. Almost too natural? I’m not sure what I’ll do when they leave. But right now, they are here and Asher doesn’t seem interested in anything about the ranch. Maybe he doesn’t have much reason to spend time out of doors back home. I’ll have to ask Reese about that. All he seems to care about is watching TV and sex. Maybe I could lure him outside by offering to fuck him on a hay bale in the barn with the horses watching. He’ll do just about anything for some dick. At any rate, we were spending the afternoon watching TV while Reese got some work done in the bedroom. Thank goodness for laptops! These two wouldn’t still be here if he couldn’t work remotely. Asher and I watched Netflix until a message came up on the screen asking if we were still watching. I don’t think I’ve ever watched that much in one sitting before. My suggestion that Asher might go find something else to do was met by a devilish grin and a hand pawing my crotch. The little scamp has got me wrapped around his finger and he knows it. I’ve always been bisexual and having a cute young guy with a bonus hole is the best of both worlds. The fact that he’s a nephew that I’ve always adored just makes it that much more special. I suppose being over-sexed runs in the family. I’m as ready for a hot fuck as my nephew is. He not only has an incredible bonus hole, my brother has taught him to be an amazing cock sucker. I hardly even had a chance to say “no,” before he had my pants down and his mouth going down on my now throbbing cock. Not that I had any intention of stopping him. The only man who could turn down one of my nephew’s blow jobs is a man who has never had one before. It wasn’t long before I had to stop him, though. I knew that neither one of us wanted me to blow my load down his throat. No, taking a man’s load is what his tight wet bonus hole is for and he was going to get mine. I pushed him away. We both kicked off our shorts, and then he climbed on my lap and started to ride me. He’s so tight, hungry, and eager… Damn, if that boy’s not one of a kind! And right now, he’s all mine.
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