Jonah Wheeler and Stevie Trixx
March 22, 2023 | Full Length Video : 24min 32sec

Jonah Wheeler doesn’t fall for just anybody. But when he finds himself in the presence of FTM wet dream Stevie Trixx, the tongue doesn’t just wag, it salivates heavily at just the mere thought of the jock’s delicious boy-pussy!

And it certainly doesn’t escape Stevie’s attention that whenever he hangs out with his buddy Jonah, the tall, handsome stud can’t keep his eyes off of him. Eventually and inevitably, these dudes' clothes fly off the moment that they find themselves alone.

Stevie’s t-dick grows ...[Read more]

Stevie’s t-dick grows moist and swollen when Jonah’s large, eager hands explore the FTM stud’s sexy chest and abs. Their tongues can’t stay out of one another’s mouths for more than a few seconds at any given time. And when Jonah finds himself on his knees worshiping Stevie’s t-dick with voracious hunger, he also can feel the precum oozing from his aching erection.

Stevie melts in Jonah’s mouth, moaning as he runs his hands through Jonah’s thick, dark hair. The way Jonah works those soft, juicy lips and tongue of his gets Stevie soaking wet. Every. Single. Time. The only question now is—how many licks does it take to get this incredibly hot FTM dream boy to cum…?

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