Riley Ross and Ari Koyote
February 11, 2021 | Full Length Video : 15min 49sec

Riley is a hairy otter with a long, solid cock that’s pointing right at Ari’s pussy as they make out by the bed, chest against chest. Riley backs Ari against the wall, pinching the man’s nipples, rubbing his smooth ass, and grinding against him so that his cock head teases the warm opening of Ari’s hot pussy. The two move to the bed and Ari lays between Riley’s hairy thighs to take the firm dick in his mouth. Riley leans back against the pillows, hands behind his head, abs flexing. While he's getting blown, Riley reaches forward, running a hand through Ari’s hair, and presses the cocksucker’s face into his bush. Ari knows how to treat a nice, big dick and Riley finds himself thrusting his hips forward gently into Ari’s mouth each time Ari pulls off. Riley’s head rolls back and forth in ecstasy, a huge smile on his face, but he wants to show Ari what he can do.

Riley kneels down at the edge of the bed between Ari’s legs, his face buried in Ari’s pierced pussy. Ari writhes on the bed while Riley grinds his scruffy face against his pussy. Soon, Riley can’t wait any longer. He needs to be balls deep in this jock's wet pussy, so he gets Ari on his back against the pillows with one leg in the air. Ari throws his head back while he's getting fucked, and he’s moaning loudly from being stretched so deep. The men flip over into doggystyle, so Riley can push in from behind. He spanks Ari's ass cheeks and then grips his hips to fuck hard and fast.

The boys finish ...[Read more]

The boys finish off how they started, Ari on his back with one leg up. Riley locks eyes with Ari when he says he’s getting close, and then he unloads deep in Ari’s pussy. Ari’s moans follow in time with Riley’s cock pulsing and spasming inside him. Riley pulls out slowly, the lips of Ari’s pussy dragging against his veiny shaft, and a load of cum squirts out over Ari’s ass hole when the head of Riley’s cock pops loose.

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