Oliver Lachlan and Luke Hudson
April 26, 2023 | Full Length Video : 18min 19sec

If we were to see beefy top Oliver Lachlan and handsome bottom boy Luke Hudson walking down the street together, it could be assumed that the two are fraternity brothers or at least gym partners. Once they get in a bedroom together, though, there’s no doubt that they work each other out - and in a lot more places than just the gym.

As they undress, Luke sucks on Oliver's tongue, savoring the taste of the warm saliva. Luke works his way down, then deep-throats Oliver’s huge cock—getting it nice and wet, knowing that it will enter him later.

And it does. ...[Read more]

And it does. As soon as Oliver’s cock enters Luke's tight boy pussy, he reaches heaven. Oliver pounds the FTM stud’s hole mercilessly. And as much as Oliver loved fucking Luke, he had special plans for how he will finish.

Luke can’t help but worship Oliver's nipples as the big jock top jerks his load out for Luke to enjoy. He licks and sucks all over Oliver's chest and not a moment too soon, as Oliver aims and shoots directly into his bottom boy's mouth. They kiss, the fresh load still in Luke’s mouth, and share that masculine flavor together.

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