Riley Ross and Luke Hudson
June 01, 2022 | Full Length Video : 16min 1sec

Luke Hudson’s eyes can’t help themselves. They go right to Riley Ross’ torso. Lean, hard, ripped, with a gorgeous smattering of chest hair and an inviting happy trail! Wearing just a jockstrap, Riley is the very definition of fuckable and that gets Luke’s pussy wet with excitement!

The two start out with an intense make-out session, exploring each other's bodies and getting to know all the sensitive parts. Waves of pleasure radiate through their hot bodies as they caress each other’s asses and nipples. Luke’s got a pair of really sensitive ones and that really turns on Riley. Luke’s got one other thing that Riley's ready to explore and that’s Luke bonus hole!

But first things ...[Read more]

But first things first: Luke’s got his eyes on the prize between Riley’s thighs! Riley stands and peels off his hot jockstrap to reveal his beautiful fuckstick. Luke wastes no time diving deep on that rod. Riley leans back against the wall as Luke takes it all down his throat. No gag reflex here!

Riley’s ready to return the favor and pushes Luke back onto the bed to get full access to his hot wet pussy. His clit-dick is the main target of Riley’s tongue bath, and with every flick of the tongue, Luke moans louder and louder, filling the room with the sounds of hot sex. He gets wetter and wetter as Riley eats out his pussy and laps at the clit.

Luke wants more! He’s ready for Riley to plunge inside and this fuckbuddy is ready for the adventure! Riley’s hard cock slides easily into Luke’s wet bonus hole and starts pumping. He’s hitting all the right spots inside Luke’s extra entrance and both boys are really getting into the groove! Riley’s in no hurry and Luke’s loving the pussy pounding!

The energy is building and building and both men are edging closer and closer to their hot, wet climax!

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