Mike Edge and Luke Hudson
April 20, 2022 | Full Length Video : 25min 55sec

Mike has never been with a trans man before, but only because he’s never had the opportunity. He’s always been intrigued and curious, but was just waiting to find the right FTM guy he connected with. Luke, as it turns out, is just his type: handsome, fit, friendly, and dripping in masculine sex appeal!

The two are quick to take off their clothes, pressing skin to skin as they start kissing. Their tongues glide around each other like they know all the moves to a secret dance. It’s amazing how quickly their chemistry and connection sync up their rhythms, making their foreplay easy and effortless.

Mike’s cock throbs ...[Read more]

Mike’s cock throbs beneath his zipper, begging to be released. And once it does, Luke is impressed both by its size and girth! Luke has no trouble taking dicks of all shapes and sizes, but he gets a special thrill from the big ones! And Mike has just what he likes.

Luke maneuvers himself between his legs, grabbing the shaft with his hand, amazed by how rigid and thick it feels in his grip. It’s practically as big as a coke can, filling his fingers before it fills his mouth. Luke has to practically unhinge his jaw to take it down, working hard to swallow it all the way to the base. In the process, Mike gets even harder and his cock gets covered in juicy saliva.

Mike warms up Luke’s pussy just enough to get it wet before Luke practically insists on taking it deep. Luke gets on all fours and feels his body tremble with desire as Mike slides in one inch at a time. It doesn’t take long for Luke to take all of him just as his throat did, only now Mike’s hips are the ones pushing the tool all the way in!

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