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Jack Bailey and Luke Hudson
March 22, 2024 | Full Length Video : 23min 49sec

Jack Bailey kisses Luke Hudson’s toned torso, slowly working down towards Luke’s bonus hole, which elicited moans of approval from the jock. The two engage in verbal play, telling each other how good their bodies feel when being intimate together. Luke deep-throats the horny stud, still moaning in pleasure as he slurps down every inch.

Things get even hotter when Luke positions himself to ride Jack’s rock hard cock, sending the younger top’s eyes rolling in the back of his skull. The bearded bottom encourages Jack to keep fucking him, actively working his bonus hole around the top’s throbbing member. Jack maneuvers himself behind Luke, who can’t stop raving about how good Jack‘s cock feels inside of his boypussy.

Jack’s stamina can ...[Read more]

Jack’s stamina can only last so long before he deposits one large load into Luke’s hungry hole. Safe to say, these two might just reignite sometime soon!

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