Brogan Reed, Spencer Daley and Luke Hudson
February 28, 2024 | Full Length Video : 20min 36sec

Brogan Reed and Spencer Daley were delighted to get an opportunity to hang out with trans jock Luke Hudson. All three dudes are notably easy on the eyes and their mutual attraction gets the temperature in Luke’s apartment swelteringly hot. So much so that these horny guys couldn’t possibly keep their clothes on…!

Hearts and loins afire, tongues wagging and drooling, Spencer—the blond dreamboat—just can’t keep his hands (or mouth!) off the FTM twink’s juicy boy bits. Brogan sits back and enjoys the show while stroking his massive, aching cock.

Soon, Brogan inserts ...[Read more]

Soon, Brogan inserts himself into the smoking hot action. Spencer springs onto Brogan’s huge dick and once his tight hole is filled, Luke completes the spit roast by sinking down onto Spencer’s. After a long, wild, carefree fuck, the three panting studs decide they’d like nothing more than to finish their afternoon watching one another spew their massive loads everywhere!

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