Landon Kovac and Ari Koyote
September 23, 2021 | Full Length Video : 23min 50sec

Landon is excited to meet his first trans man! He couldn’t be luckier to meet someone as sweet and welcoming as Ari Koyote! Ari is happy to show the furry chested man a good time as well as help him navigate his hot, wet bonus hole!

It doesn’t take long for Landon to figure out what to do, starting by kissing his spectacled partner and teasing his nipples. Passions grow as their tongues wrestle and their loins swell up, making Ari hungry to taste his new buddy’s cock.

Dropping to his ...[Read more]

Dropping to his knees, Ari takes a mouthful of Landon’s shaft, looking up over his toned, hairy stomach to his eyes, seeing Landon smile as Ari goes balls deep. Landon’s hips build up speed as they start fucking Ari’s face, testing his gag reflex as he lets himself go in on his throat.

Once Ari is worked up and ready to get pounded, Landon takes his first plunge into eating pussy. While Ari spreads his legs and gives his partner a perfect display of his hot clit, Landon dives in and devours his loins. Ari writhes with pleasure as he holds Landon’s face in place, making sure to guide the handsome man’s tongue right where it needs to go.

Ari’s hole is wet and warmed up when Landon takes a vibrating toy to his ass. Ari is not usually one to open up his back door, but feeling his connection with Landon, he wants to explore something a little different. Ari vigorously plays with his pussy as his sphincter is stretched and teased, making him wet and wild for more.

Ari strokes his clit while Landon gets him harder and wetter, bringing him closer and closer to climax with each passionate gesture. Landon works his cock watching Ari cum, eager for their next encouter to fuck and breed his tight pussy.

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