Gabriel Clark and Tommy Tanner
May 14, 2020 | Full Length Video : 18min 35sec

Tommy Tanner is the perfect man! A handsome, model-like face with sexy scruff, toned body with hot tattoos, and two holes made for fucking! And Gabriel can’t believe his good fortune to get to roll around with such a hot stud. The two kiss passionately as they slowly disrobe, taking the time to enjoy each other’s smooth, athletic bodies as they get more and more intimate.

Gabriel lies back as Tommy kisses his chest, getting his cock hard in his briefs as he inches closer to pulling it out. Every lick and kiss of his bearded lover gets committed to his memory, eager to return the feeling of pleasure. With his hard meat in Tommy’s mouth, he can feel just how soft and smooth his lips are, loving every lap of his tongue...

Unable to wait ...[Read more]

Unable to wait any longer, Gabriel flips Tommy over, pulling down his shorts so he can freely kiss and lick his hot pussy. With his clit engorged and hard as a rock, Gabriel returns every favor, feeling his partner melt into his mouth as he expertly devours his loins!

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