Gabriel Clark and Tommy Tanner
May 24, 2023 | Full Length Video : 13min 5sec

Though Tommy Tanner's perfect boy pussy has been used by Gabriel Clarke several times before, neither of them have had enough!

Tommy and Gabriel are so lost into each other that they’ll fuck anywhere, even in the shower. As Tommy got himself prepped for a proper fucking, Gabriel pressed himself up against Tommy’s water-slicked body. They twisted their tongues inside each other's mouths. Gabriel licked every part of Tommy’s wet body, so much so that, had they not been in the shower itself, he would have drank all the water from the FTM twink’s body with his tongue alone.

Gabriel’s dick couldn’t ...[Read more]

Gabriel’s dick couldn’t take it any longer. He pushed Tommy against the corner and thrust his thick cock into that hungry wet hole and their moans echoed throughout the bathroom. Gabriel pumped deeper and deeper with every thrust. Their breathing began to sync with one another. Tommy rubbed his T-dick while Gabriel milked himself with Tommy’s tight bonus hole. Their moans morphed to cries and growls as Gabriel’s load filled the inside of Tommy’s boy pussy. Thick white cum blasted inside of Tommy, threatening to escape as Gabriel continued to slowly thrust the rest of his hot load inside.

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