Drew and Luke Hudson
December 20, 2018 | Full Length Video : 19min 40sec

Drew's monster cock is practically made of steel! Luke's eyes go wide when they gaze upon his ginger buddy's huge member, desperate to feel it stretch out his tight hole. Down on his knees, Luke struggles to get the girthy piece in his mouth, feeling it hit the back of his throat well before his lips even come close to its base! Drew's dick is nearly as thick as the boy's wrist, but Luke is a trooper and eager to take it! Drew worships Luke's pussy with his tongue, getting it warmed and ready for a deep dicking like he's never had before. With Luke on his back, Drew slides his mammoth cock in his wet hole, practically spreading his hips apart to make room! Watch as Luke gets drilled up into his guts by Drew's strong, meaty dick!

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