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dawson & luke hudson in san antonio: Chapter 1

Starring Dawson and Luke Hudson
July 05, 2023 | Full Length Video : 20min 59sec

Blonde cutie Dawson and FTM super-stud Luke Hudson lay together in bed, wearing in nothing but snug fitting “NASTYPIG” black briefs. This combination—sweet faces and nasty intentions—sets the stage for Jockpussy’s latest hot FTM romp!

Luke ...More

Luke runs his hands all over Dawson, eventually landing on the blonde’s big bulge. Dawson lets his hands roam too, but it's pretty apparent he’s lost in the make-out session, melting in Luke’s arms.

The briefs slip off and Luke swallows Dawson’s rigid cock whole, sucking it like he wants to absorb the meat. Dawson returns the favor and eats Luke’s bonus hole out like he missed breakfast and lunch. Dawson can’t take it anymore—he slides his stiff rod right into Luke’s inviting, wet hole and pumps in and out of him.

Luke gets on all fours and Dawson’s hips pump as deep inside as possible. Dawson’s balls eventually tighten, and he pulls his cock out to shoot his wad all over Luke’s hole. He slides his cock back into Luke’s guts to give him the last drop or two. He wants Luke to remember how good of a fuck they had, and seals it with an intense kiss!

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