Ryan Powers and Ari Koyote
March 25, 2021 | Full Length Video : 19min 59sec

Ari grinds his crotch on Ryan’s hand as his pussy is fingered and manipulated by the tall hipster. He holds on to him tightly, not wanted to break apart as they continue to kiss. He loves the way his partner manipulates his genitals, getting him ready for more energetic fucking.

Ari gets on the bed and pulls down Ryan’s underwear, taking his big, thick cock in his mouth. He loves how it feels sliding over his tongue, making itself fill up his warm, smooth mouth. Ryan’s tall body looks out over Ari’s body, watching his back begin to arch, lifting his ass into the air. He reaches out a hand, curving around his perfect backside to play with his soft pussy.

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Ryan can’t touch without going in for a taste. He props Ari up on the pillows and spreads his legs apart, diving into his groin to tease his partner. Ryan is desperate to get his cock back inside, eager to feel how it expertly works out his massive shaft. But first, he takes his time giving Ari exquisite pleasure, so much so that he can practically feel him opening up on his tongue.

Ari can’t wait any longer and begs for Ryan to slide his cock in his pussy. Ryan loves watching his dick move in and out, glistening in Ari’s natural lubricants. The trans guy is almost pocket sized for the bearded giant, making him the perfect size to hold onto as he drives his cock in further and faster.

Ari’s pelvis trembles as Ryan sheaths his cock with his tight pussy. Ryan aggressively pounds into his loins again and again, edging the two of them closer to another epic orgasm. Ryan holds out for as long as he can, indulging in the intense sensation of Ari’s velvety insides massaging his cock, trying to delay the huge load being worked up in his nuts.

Series: Ari Koyote
Ari Koyote series cover
1. Ari Koyote & Brayden St. Jaymes 27mn
Ari is feeling every bit of the heat Brayden is putting off. The smooth, tall southerner is a great kisser and Ari is known for how much he loves passionate kissing. They peel each other’s shirts off as they rub their hands all over their hot young bodies. Ari stops to linger on his own hard nipples and alternates playing with Brayden’s. Ari’s piercings have made his nipples super-sensitive so even the most gentle rubbing sends shocks right to his crotch! The sensations that Brayden’s feeling electrify his dick too, going from 0-60 in mere seconds! Ari loves the feeling of Brayden’s hard cock in his hand, rubbing his ample chest fur all over Brayden’s member! Shorts come off and Brayden is ready to go to town on Ari’s pussy. Brayden drops to his knees so he can go to town on Ari hard clit. Our FTM stud loves having his clit licked; you hear how much in all the moans that fill the room! Every lick, every lap, every nibble sends jolts all through Ari’s hairy body. He involuntarily flicks his own niplles while Brayden continues his sexy clit assault downstairs. Brayden alternates between deep thrusts and gentle tongue flicks. Ari’s squirming and outcries leave no doubt, he is feeling this facefuck! Ari pushes Brayden into a standing position and returns the favor. Ari opens his throat and swallows Brayden’s hard cock like a rope banana! Now it’s Brayden’s turn to get lost in the feelings. His eyes roll back into his head as Ari’s very deep throat gives his cock a massage from the inside. Brayden’s getting off on just how talented a cocksucker Ari is. Brayden grabs Ari’s head, forcing it down hard onto his curving dick. Ari’s nose is right up against Brayden’s pubes, adding that sweet, musky man-smell to Ari's experience! Brayden is loving all this, but wants to put his hard-on in another one of Ari’s holes! Ari leans back on the bed and Brayden thrusts his slippery dick into Ari’s hot wet pussy! He has to thread it through all of Ari’s labia piercing hardware, but it doesn’t take long for his tip to wind its way into Ari’s love tunnel! Ari lets out a horny yelp as his inner walls expand to take in all that Brayden has to offer. Brayden’s pumping rhythm lines itself up with Ari’s internal wetjets, ensuring all are having a great time!
3. Ari Koyote & Ethan Tate 25mn
There are few guys as well known in the trans porn community as Ari Koyote! Ari’s been on the forefront of hot, trans man erotica for years, showing how sexy a guy with a pussy can be! And now in his FTMMen debut, he’s showing a beefier, more muscular body than ever before. Guess the boy has become a man! Ethan couldn’t be more turned on by Ari’s masculine good looks. Not only is he handsome as hell with a scruffy face and perfectly kissable lips, but he’s got a smattering of dark chest hair that trails down to his loins. Ethan is quick to get Ari out of his jeans and onto the bed where he can really explore what Ari has to offer! Ari spreads his legs apart and shows off his hairy, pierced hole, leaning himself back on his broad shoulders. Ethan lowers his mouth to kiss and lick Ari’s warm, wet clit, looking up at him with passion and hunger that only builds with each lap of his tongue. Ari opens up and gets his juices flowing, ready to experience Ethan’s big, thick, twink cock up inside him. Ethan might be a bit of string bean compared to his thicker, muscular partner, but his tool is a perfect match for Ari. Ethan puts Ari on his side and the trans man invites him in, watching as Ethan slowly sinks into his guts, hitting his pleasure center and teasing his hole with every stroke. Ethan is in absolute heaven, feeling his member get massaged and milked in Ari’s tight pussy. He knows he can’t hold back from cumming forever, enjoying each moment he’s got before Ari masterfully works out an intense load.
5. Ari Koyote and Sean Duran 23mn
Chemistry is always off the charts when Sean Duran and Ari Koyote hook up. Sean, with his prominent tattoos and bad boy, unpredictable energy, feels like a dangerous match for FTM hottie, Ari, but it seems that they just can’t get enough of one another. In fact, it’s clear from the look on Sean’s face that he finds the experience utterly mind-blowing. They kiss passionately with Ari sitting on the bed and Sean standing between his legs, huge boner forming in his short pants as he gently thrusts his body towards Ari’s crotch. He knows it’s gonna feel a whole heap different when his dick finally reaches its destination. Anticipation rises and the air of lustful expectation from both men increases. Ari soon has his hand down Sean’s pants and is tugging at his big fat dick. Ari then drops to his knees and starts to suck. He wants Sean’s dick real bad. Sean throws Ari down onto the bed, who in turn spreads his hairy legs wide. Sean is soon on his knees, tongue dancing across the delicious folds of the trans man’s quivering pussy. Sean stands, then eases his beautiful dick between the delicate lips of Ari’s cunt. Within seconds, he’s thrusting in and out, slowly and sensually to begin with, and then with increasing speed and brutality. Ari yells and moans, already deeply satisfied but moving inexorably towards absolute bliss with every one of Sean’s mind-bogglingly intense strokes. Sean locks eyes with Ari and pumps harder. He knows he’s getting close and he knows he’s going to explode. And he does so deep inside Ari’s cunt. And as he pulls out, a long, steady trickle of semen trails behind…
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