Riley Ross and Ari Koyote
June 17, 2021 | Full Length Video : 16min 16sec

Ari and Riley are famously good kissers. The two of them can make love with their mouths in ways others can only imagine. As much as they love to grind their loins against each other, they can’t not indulge in a passionate, sensual, seductive session of making out first. Besides, it gets them worked up like nothing else!

Stripped down and pressing their bodies against one another, the handsome, scruffy jocks are a knot of arms and legs, touching each other’s well maintained bodies, feeling the heat of their muscles and fur on one another. They’re no strangers to one another, but that only makes the longing even more intense. Knowing what they’ve had and what they’re about to enjoy again gets them even more hungry for a hard fuck.

Ari reaches for ...[Read more]

Ari reaches for Riley’s cock, feeling it’s throbbing, pulsing fury jut out from between his strong, muscular thighs. The veins give it a satisfying ridgey-ness that makes Ari’s mouth water. Ari drops to his knees, taking the massive shaft between his lips - which are still wet from the make-out session - feeling Riley get even harder as Ari massages it with his tongue.

Riley looks down as his furry friend masterfully swallows his shaft, feeling it tickle the back of Ari’s throat without so much as a gag. Ari’s mouth sucks on him with precision, expertly stirring up a longing deep inside his balls. He imagines how good it would feel to burst right then and there, flooding Ari’s mouth with his seed. But he knows well what goodness there is yet to come.

Switching roles, Riley instead plants his face between Ari’s fuzzy legs, feeling his soft thighs before showing off the strength and dexterity of his tongue on Ari’s pussy. Ari can feel each passionate lap of his tongue just as he had when it was kissing him before. It moves like a dancer over his sex, making delicate moves and graceful strides over his wet cunt. Riley flicks his pierced clit, practically making it ring like a bell. Ari moans and curls his toes, feeling himself get hotter and wetter with each lap.

Ari begs for Riley’s cock. He can’t take being teased anymore. He wants to feel his powerful meat deep inside him, rocking him from his core and bringing him the pleasure he knows he can give. Stretching his legs wide apart, Ari guides Riley in, giving him the green light for the athletic boy to fuck him deep and hard.

Riley doesn’t need to be told twice when it’s time to fuck. Sliding his cock between Ari’s legs, he feels the tight, wet hole envelop him inch by inch until he’s fully inside Ari’s pussy. He loves how snugly it grips onto him, holding it in place before pumping his hips back and forth. Ari uses his muscles to milk out a thick load from his top as Riley goes full speed ahead on his cunt!

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