Riley Ross and Ari Koyote
August 17, 2022 | Full Length Video : 15min 56sec

Ari and Riley relax in their room after returning from a hot, sweaty afternoon of tennis. With their heart rates up and their muscles energized, these two horny boys are eager to keep the adrenaline going! Riley crawls on top of Ari, pressing his hard groin up against Ari’s warm, wet pussy as they embrace for a passionate kiss. Their need to fuck can only be held off for so long, leading them to strip out of the clothes and grind into each other for a deep pounding.

Riley slides himself in Ari’s hole, feeling his slick lips wrap around Riley’s meat; taking him in and massaging his shaft inch by inch. Ari rides Riley’s cock, feeling it slam deep inside his body, and making him quake with pleasure from the furry jock. Riley’s hips work fast and hard, giving Ari a total sport fuck as he pushes his pussy to its limit.

Legs up, arms ...[Read more]

Legs up, arms back, and mouth agape; Ari moans his way through the deep dicking his buddy gives him, feeling his loins burst with orgasmic release!

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