Landon Kovac and Ari Koyote
January 12, 2022 | Full Length Video : 17min 20sec

Who can blame Ari for bringing Landon into his bed? The handsome, lean, furry-chested jock is as handsome as a movie star with the sinful lustfulness of a teenager. Landon wraps his lips around Ari’s practically devouring him from the top down as they press their naked bodies against one another. Landon has his eyes set on the adorable trans man, eager to get closer and press himself inside.

Ari moves his hands over Landon’s chest, teasing his nipples and swirling his finger around his chest hair until he gets too hard to stay contained. Pulling his member out of his jockstrap, Landon gives Ari another hairy toy to play with. Ari puts Landon on his back, spreading his legs wide to swallow up his shaft and taste his tool. Landon can hardly believe how good it feels to have Ari polish his knob, thrusting his hips up every so often to feel his own force behind the pleasure he experiences.

Ari puts a ...[Read more]

Ari puts a hand up to feel Landon’s masculine hair and Landon holds it in place. He wants to stay as connected as possible as he edges closer to climax, in love with the way Ari works his body.

Landon gets off the bed and kneels in front of Ari, worshiping the boy’s body as he strokes his slicked up meat. Landon laps at Ari’s pussy piercings, ringing his loins like a bell as Ari’s body shakes and vibrates. The throbbing dick between Ari’s legs gets kissed and sucked as the trans man melts, feeling his body prepare itself for the deep dicking he’s about to receive…

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