Tyler Tanner and Declan Gray
August 23, 2023 | Full Length Video : 21min 50sec

Handsome twink Tyler Tanner has hit the Jockpussy jackpot with Declan Gray. He’s sexy, fit, masculine… and he has a bonus hole? What’s not to love about that! They engage in some light kissing and Tyler’s jeans become tight as Declan's hands rub his lean stomach.

After Declan releases Tyler’s throbbing cock, Declan allows Tyler to indulge in his jockpussy, but only after satisfying his own craving for cock. From the looks of it, Tyler had been fantasizing about the flavor of that exquisite man-pussy while he was getting sucked off.

It wasn’t long ...[Read more]

It wasn’t long before their instincts got the better of them. Declan opened his bonus hole up for Tyler to take him from behind, and the handsome twink gladly jumped in. The sound of their moans was like music. Tyler’s moans got louder, the tempo of his thrusts quickened, and his huge load, for the chorus, flowed into Declan’s used exit.

Declan’s hole could not contain the sheer amount of cum flowing into him. When Tyler pulled his cock out, he rubbed the head of his cum filled cock on Declan’s t-dick for one last note of pleasure...

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