Tyler Tanner and Declan Gray
July 13, 2022 | Full Length Video : 21min 24sec

Declan and Tyler have been waiting for this! They begin by passionately kissing. Their lips lock onto each others’ mouths showing just how hungry they are for each other. Tyler’s baby face betrays him a little, he knows how to fuck and is going to go full-animal before this session is through. Declan’s ginger beard feels great against Tyler’s smooth cheeks. Tongues intertwine as the intensity increases!

Declan peels off Tyler’s shirt and starts rubbing his hands up and down the smooth twink torso. Tyler likes having his nipples played with while the two continue the make-out session. Declan wants some of that action in return and removes his shirt showing a hot young body with lots of tattoos! Tyler nips and tugs at Declan’s chest as well, feeling his young fuckbuddy up from head to toe.

Tyler removes his ...[Read more]

Tyler removes his pants and leans back on the bed. Declan has been waiting for this, his first touch of Tyler’s dick! Long and curved, Tyler’s treasure leaves Declan’s mouth watering. He’s gotta taste it! Declan wraps his lips around the throbbing rod and Tyler lets out a moan of approval. Declan decides to go all in, or at least go deep! He opens his throat to let Tyler slide on down, and Tyler’s eyes roll back into his head in the process! Declan gives great head, bobbing up and down like a professional deep-throater!

Tyler trades places and now it’s Declan’s turn to open up, but not where you might think! When Declan spreads his legs we see his beautiful bonus hole! Tyler’s FTM fuck dreams are about to come true! Tyler tongues at Declan’s man-clit, sending shivers up and down his spine as Tyler flicks his tongue across the sensitive spots over and over. Declan is really feeling it, moaning loud enough to wake the neighbors!

Declan may not think he can go much higher but then Tyler stands up and presses his pussy-buster up against Declan’s welcoming love tunnel. This manpussy is dripping wet and ready for fucking! It’s Tyler’s turn to groan and moan now as he pumps and pumps his hot, wet cock in Declan’s extra entrance. Tyler’s panting suddenly quickens. He’s about to cum!

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