Hayden Wulf and Declan Gray
January 11, 2023 | Full Length Video : 23min 59sec

When FTM jock stud Declan Gray was approached by adorable blond twink Hayden Wulf, he couldn’t help but notice all of Hayden’s sexy tattoos. But it wasn’t just his tatts that turned the FTM Star on—he thought everything about Hayden was damn hot!

In a flash, these new-found fuck buddies are all over each other. They kiss and touch, spellbound. The boys take their shirts off and Declan yanks down Hayden’s form-fitting jeans. Hayden is rock-hard and his long, thick cock is soon in Declan’s firm, massaging grip.

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As the FTM stud drops to his knees, Hayden can only gasp and moan as Declan caresses those sensitive balls. Declan simultaneously uses his lips and tongue on that hot cock. Waves of pleasure course throughout the blond’s tight, lean body.

Hayden wants to return the favor and show his new sexy FTM boy toy just what he can do with his tongue! The hot blonde hungrily licks and devours every inch of Declan’s juicy boy slit—that and his delicious t-dick!

Declan’s extra entrance is plenty wet with Hayden’s saliva. Hayden squeezes his throbbing boner inside of Declan’s tight hole and nearly cums right there! Somehow, the exhilarated twink manages to keep control just long enough to really give Declan’s sexy, studly body a real good, thorough pounding.

Hayden’s thrusts grow harder, faster, and more urgent. Soon, the hot blonde can’t hold back any longer. Hayden has an intense, long-lasting cumshot deep inside of Declan’s tight boy hole, and the FTM star can only smile with deep lust and satisfaction!

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