Eddie Patrick and Niko Defendi
October 25, 2023 | Full Length Video : 23min 53sec

Swarthy, bearded, and inked-up FTM stud Niko Defendi and beefy hunk Eddie Patrick make out on the couch. They’re fully clothed, at first, but not for long—Niko guides Eddie’s tongue in and around his own mouth as he lets Eddie slip off Niko’s shirt and shorts. Once naked, Niko watches as Eddie caresses and fingers Niko’s hole with a look of utter intoxication in his eyes.

Eddie weaves his way between the FTM stud’s legs and lets his tongue dive into Niko’s wetness, lapping it up like a thirsty puppy. The taste sends him into near delirium! Eddie’s pants come off, revealing a massive, hard uncut cock. Niko sucks on Eddie’s tool and looks up at him as he does, letting Eddie know where he wants it to go next.

Niko sits on ...[Read more]

Niko sits on the rock-hard cock, riding it like a pro. Eddie can only grunt and moan to let the hairy trans star know the heights of his pleasure. Niko lays on his back and lets Eddie pound him as the two studs both orgasm, each of them soaked and filled with the other’s juices...

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