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jesse diamond and connor taylor: Chapter 6

May 08, 2024 | Full Length Video : 18min 55sec

Connor Taylor is seated on the bed as Jesse Diamond sits on his knees between Connor’s legs. They’re at the perfect height for making out. The two slowly get undressed as their lips continue to stick to each other like magnets: both sets of hands exploring one another until Connor pitches a noticeable tent down below.

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The boys both take off their shorts and Jesse begins sucking Connor’s hung cock. The FTM stud takes his time with Connor’s cock, worshiping it with both his hands and his lips working in tandem.

Jesse lays back on the bed with his legs up in the air as his bonus hole gets penetrated by the big-dicked redhead. Connor pumps into the tattooed bottom, holding Jesse’s legs up and allowing himself to get lost in the rhythm. Jesse massages Connor’s pecs as he feels his fuckbuddy’s length slide in and out of his bonus hole, which Jesse uses to massage Connor’s cock. Soon enough the top blasts his load deep inside of the FTM stud, leaning forward for a finishing kiss.

Director:Jason Sparks
Producer:Jason Sparks
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Jesse Diamond

Jesse Diamond: Chapters
1. Jesse Diamond 16mn
Jesse Diamond has a lot to desire. Beautiful face, broad pecs and shoulders, thick, muscular thighs, and a beautiful, dark beard. His bodybuilder physique and playful smile draw you in and make you hungry for more. It’s no question why he’s in such high demand. Luckily, we’ve got him on camera for you to enjoy! As the horny tattooed athlete lies back in bed, it’s clear he’s worked up. After a good day of working out and sweating, he’s feeling the urge to release some tension from deep within. He can’t help but admire his own gymnast frame, feeling up his muscles as he makes his way down to his loins. He even kisses his biceps to let us know just how much he loves himself… and we can’t blame him! When he pulls off his shorts, we see a bulge that would make anyone melt. But what we find is even more exciting! Beneath the sexy grey jock strap is not only a beautiful cock, but a hairy, wet pussy to dive deep into. Jesse’s body is absolutely made for fucking! As Jesse lubes up his cock, he plays with his clit, getting off in ways very few can imagine. He closes his eyes and luxuriates in his masculinity, embracing his wet fuck hole and letting us know just how much he loves it all! He is near breathless as he massages his pussy, making his loins hungry for more than just a well placed finger. Jesse reaches for a dildo, lubing it up and teasing his hole with the rigid tool. He’s good to go and ready to take it all, wasting no time in plunging it balls deep inside. His eyes roll back as he feels himself getting fucked hard, working his body just like he likes. He holds his cock up so he can see the massive toy drill into his body, striking pleasure points on the way in and out of his body. Jesse’s muscular arms drive him home to orgasm, working himself over with impressive ferocity before melting into the pillows.
2. Jesse Diamond & Axel Black 20mn
Jesse might be a bit shorter than his partner, Axel, but he’s easily winning in the pure muscle department. Jesse’s thick, jacked body draws Axel in, giving the lean runner-build man plenty to hold onto as they kiss and caress each other. Jesse radiates out masculinity and strength, making Axel eager to see more of his powerful body. Taking off his clothes, Jesse gives Axel the chance to really explore. Axel watches as the beefy trans man lies back on the bed, spreading his legs apart, revealing his thick cock and wet hole. Axel kisses up his thigh until his mouth hits the sweet spot, falling into Jesse’s groin and devouring his pussy. It’s then that Jesse moves down onto his knees to pull out Axel’s throbbing, thick member. Jesse wraps his hand around the shaft, taking it into his mouth as Axel teases his nipples and moans in ecstasy. Jesse’s mouth knows just how to make a cock happy. Axel loves the view of the broad back and shoulders of his partner, but needs to feel his cock slide inside his hole. Putting Jesse back on the bed, he slides his member deep inside, watching Jesse’s broad chest rise and fall with each breath he takes. Axel starts slow, moving into a steady rhythm of grinding and pounding before letting the beefcake feel the full force of his thrust. Jesse can take it all and wants more! As Axel gets himself closer to climax, Jesse plays with his dick and looks into Axel’s eyes, waiting for the moment that his partner bursts. It doesn’t take long before the lean top feels his nuts climb up beneath his shaft, sending jets of white cum out the end.
4. Jesse Diamond & Connor Taylor 20mn
Connor can’t take his hands off of Jesse’s body as they cuddle and kiss on a rainy afternoon. The muscular man’s arms are bursting with strength, covered in tattoos and wrapped around the ginger twink’s waist. Jesse’s bristly bearded embraces send a surge of energy to the smooth top’s loins, making him increasingly excited to take off their pants and move in closer. Jesse’s hands move down to Connor’s crotch, feeling his raging hardon swell up and beg for release. He doesn’t torture him any longer but making him wait, instead tugging them down and taking the rigid tool immediately to the back of his throat. Connor watches as Jesse wraps his lips around his shaft, taking it deep into his mouth and tasting it from top to bottom. Connor gazes over Jesse’s muscular physique, admiring his massive shoulders and furry round ass, oozing desire out of the tip of his cock for the trans man to lap up and enjoy. As sweat trickles down Jesse’s neck and onto his broad chest, Connor turns him around, placing him on his back, spreading his thick thighs apart to open up his warm, wet pussy. Jesse strokes his cock, watching as Connor eagerly slides his meat into his inviting hole. Connor’s length is smoothly and easily taken in by the bodybuilder’s body, making the ginger top even harder as he watches it disappear inch by inch. Jesse feels the monster cock deep in his gut, pounding away at his insides and practically breaking through to his six pack abs. Connor grips onto him, holding him in place as he leverages a powerful fuck for his partner. Jesse grips the chair around him, bracing himself for the passionate pounding, not wanting Connor to slow down for any reason. As the storm rages on around them, Connor’s enthusiasm increases, building to a crescendo of moans and thrusts that leave Jesse nearly reduced to a puddle of pleasure. Connor’s cock drills deep as Jesse cries out for more, leading to an epic explosion of cum into the trans man’s hungry hole!
5. Jesse Diamond & Connor Taylor 22mn
Connor may have a good foot over Jesse’s body in height. Even with the sexy trans man sitting on the kitchen counter, he still rises above him. That’s not to say Jesse isn’t physically commanding. The beefy bodybuilder is filled out from his neck to his ankles in muscles, giving the lean ginger twink plenty to grab onto and worship as they make out. Jesse loves feeling his bulging pecs and biceps felt up by the tall twink, knowing that he represents a form of masculinity that Connor adores. When the shirts come off, the contrast between creamy pale flesh and tan tattoos is a beautiful sight to behold. Jesse pops up off the counter to pull Connor’s pants down, letting his long, fiery cock out of its concealment. It’s only free to the air for a second before being wrapped in Jesse’s mouth and stroked by his skilled hands. Connor puts his hands back on the stone counter and watches as his many inches disappear down Jesse’s throat, an indication of what’s to come when he gets between his legs! Connor puts Jesse on all fours, admiring the sweat glistening off his rippled, muscular back. His eyes traik back to his lean waist and round ass, giving him a clear path down to his wet, hungry hole. Connor’s shaft slides smoothly between his thighs and into his bonus hole, feeling the swing of the trans man’s cock above his pussy. Connor thrusts forward, increasingly becoming more aggressive in his pounding. He can see that the big guy can take it, making him bolder and more energetic as he approaches climax. Jesse secures himself in place with his strong forearms, eagerly awaiting the feeling of thick twink filling in his hole.
6. Jesse Diamond & Connor Taylor 21mn
It's a tender moment as Connor and Jesse as they make out on the couch. They two have carved out a special time to be close and intimate, taking their time and just enjoying each other’s company. Of course, it would be a lie to say their intentions are platonic. Connor loves how strong and beefy the trans man is, feeling his big thighs as their tongues glide over each other. And for Jesse, he adores the way the tall, ginger string-bean’s massive cock swells up at first touch, filling his hands as he massages his loins. Jesse pulls off his clothes and slides off Connor’s shorts, giving him a look at the massive pole the tall twink possesses. Not only does it stand up impossibly high, but it’s thick and girthy all the way down to the fiery base. Jesse bobs his head up and down, working the shaft and sending Connor into a trance of deep pleasure. Connor gets to just sit back and feel it all wash over him, looking his partner in the eyes as he edges closer and closer to climax. Before Connor can fully release, Jesse gets up on top of him, mounting him and riding him as he lowers his hungry cock-swallowing hole down on him. Connor’s eyes go wide as the muscle man’s thick legs spread apart and engulf him into his wet pussy. Connor moans as the sensation brings out his passionate nature, leading him to put Jesse on his back and dick him deep from behind. Jesse holds onto his cock and legs as Connor works him over, bringing both of them to a thoroughly satisfying cummy conclusion!
7. Jesse Diamond & Connor Taylor 19mn
Jesse and Connor continue to mix tender intimacy with sizzling lust as they start with a kiss that is as passionate and sensual as it is carnal and erotic. The FTM beefcake, Jesse, and the red headed stud, Connor, have clearly lost none of their zest or appetite for one-another. The two remove their shirts and continue their make-out session. Jesse grabs at Connor’s crotch as they do, with him soon signaling that he needs to get his mouth on Connor’s beautiful cock as they get up and remove their bottom garments. Now completely naked, muscle-man Jesse gets on his knees and takes the bulbous pink head of Connor’s stiff rod into his mouth. He savors the taste of it as Connor grabs the back of his head, signaling his enjoyment and delight with the oral service. Jesse hungrily continues the servicing until the hunger of another hole takes over. Jesse bends over on the couch and gets in position for Connor’s long, thick meat to slide into his tight, wet hole. Connor makes sure to get a feel for every inch of the muscular stud’s pussy. He stays in an intoxicating rhythm while switching pace from swift thrusts to longer, slower strokes. The pair’s moans correlate with the changing speeds, indicating their respective pleasure with Connor’s cock crowding Jesse’s slick opening. Connor’s building orgasm is indicated by his increasingly louder moans. Jesse responds in kind, encouraging the red headed stud to spill inside him. Connor speeds up his pounding as his balls pull up tight and unleash. He pulls out completely, revealing the creamy finish before sliding back in for a few extra pumps. He finishes off the intense breeding by leaning in and covering Jesse’s neck in a few more tender kisses.
8. Jesse Diamond & Sean Duran 22mn
Testosterone is in full force when muscle gods Jesse Diamond and Sean Duran get together. Their perfectly chiselled, tattooed bodies are incredible to view as they kiss and grab all over. Sean’s passion for a beefy bottom knows no limits, and Jesse has the perfect bubble butt for his massive cock. Jesse spreads his legs wide as Sean kisses down his chest and abs, giving a clear green light for the shaved headed top to go right to his sweet spot. Sean’s mouth waters at the thought of opening up Jesse’s hole, putting him into feasting position at the end of the bed as he laps at his cunt. Jesse looks into Sean’s blue eyes, horny as hell and eager to feel his cock inside. But before Jesse takes the hard tool deep in his loins, he needs a taste of it first. Dropping to his knees, the scruffy trans man worships Sean’s shaft, stroking it and lapping at it with an intense passion. He won’t stop until it’s all the way to the back of his throat, no matter how hard he has to try. Sean gives Jesse all the time he needs to get it good and wet, but it’s got one destination: Jesse’s tight pussy. Putting Jesse on his back, Sean gives the bottom one last lap with his tongue before sliding his bare cock balls deep in his pelvis. Jesse lets out a moan of mixed pain and pleasure, feeling his guts split apart to make room for Sean’s massive tool. Sean moves slowly, but everything in Jesse’s face tells him to keep going. Not wanting to disappoint his hungry lover, he picks up the pace and pounds harder and faster than Jesse could have imagined. Jesse holds on to whatever he can to withstand Jesse’s diesel-fueled fuck. The powerful bodybuilder knows how to deliver a world-class breeding, and Jesse is eager to feel him unload inside. After taking a deep breath, Sean rushes forward, fucking Jesse’s hole faster and faster until he erupts, flooding Jesse with his premium protein-rich seed.
9. Jesse Diamond & Sean Duran 21mn
Sean and Jesse cuddle up on a couch, enjoying a quiet afternoon at home. No need to go out or get crazy. Just two sensual, beefy, muscle dudes relaxing and enjoying each other’s bodies. Sean’s hands move down under Jesse’s waistband, caressing his smooth, firm ass as he continues to lock lips with his scruffy partner. Jesse's got just a delicate spread of hair collecting at the small of his back and his crack, giving Sean’s fingers a lovely patch of fur to play with. Jesse’s hands also find their way around Sean’s body, feeling his arms and chest, loving the buttery smooth feeling of his muscles. He loves the way the window light glows on him, making him look absolutely perfect. The two pull off each other’s shirts, starting to heat up and get ready to take things to a more intense place. When they take off their shorts, it’s all throbbing cocks and warm, wet holes! Sean dives between Jesse’s legs, lapping at his loins and teasing his knob with his tongue. Jesse opens up for his shaved-headed lover’s mouth, happy to give him a green light and open path to his pleasure center. Sean sucks, licks, and kisses Jesse’s hole, feeling it get ready for a passionate pounding. Sean lubes up his cock and strokes it rapidly as he gets harder and harder. He can hardly contain his desire. He lifts Jesse up and maneuvers himself beside him as his cock kisses his wet hole. Jesse’s breathing is deep and intense, looking into Sean’s eyes as he subtly nods his head for the big guy to keep going. He wants it badly, but almost feels like he can’t ask for it outright. Luckily, Sean can read his body like a book. He sees what Jesse needs and is happy to be fortunate enough to give it. Fingering his hole gently, he senses his readiness and moves his cock into position. All it takes is a smooth, steady motion for Sean to slip inside, sending ripples of sensation throughout Jesse’s body. Jesse moans, practically breathless as Sean moves deeper inside him. Everything about the moment is perfect. And Jesse is hungry to feel his top cum inside him.
10. Jesse Diamond & Sean Duran 20mn
Sean has Jesse sitting up on a countertop as they make out; tatts and muscles everywhere you look. Jesse has a sizable bulge in his shorts as Sean is getting harder by the minute as they explore each other’s mouths. Sean is a master; he switches up the pace regularly to add to the intensity. Fast flicks followed by slow sucking, Jesse is really turned on by it all! Sean is ready to dive deeper and helps Jesse remove his clothes, setting that bulge free and showing us another surprise! Jesse is a muscled, tattooed FTM Man with both a penis and a pussy! Jesse strokes his sizable cock while Sean turns his attention to the man-clit and pussy that are now dripping wet just for him! Jesse’s moans fill the room and he absent-mindedly strokes his dick while his legs wrap themselves around Sean’s masculine tattooed face. Sean’s tongue laps hungrily at Jesse’s pussy; he can’t get enough of this boy’s extra entrance! Jesse flips things around so he can feel the tickle of Sean’s dong down his throat. He opens wide and swallows Sean down to the hilt. Almost no gag reflex here! Jesse’s an experienced pro and he is going to gobble that throb knob like a champ. Sean turns his attention back to Jesse’s manpussy, spinning our FTM Stud around for some rear access action. Jesse loves getting pounded from behind with Sean’s meaty hands holding him face-down on the countertop. Jesse’s dick shows a mind of its own, swinging like a pendulum between his legs each time Sean thrusts himself into Jesse’s pussy. It’s as though it, too, wants to reach back to fuck Jesse’s pussy! The fever pitch grows and grows with Jesse’s higher-pitched moans and Sean’s guttural grunts. Sean’s getting closer and closer, which turns Jesse on even more!
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