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Adam Snow, Angel Elias, Dylan Tides, Eddie Patrick, Grant Ducati, Milo Miles and Chance Hart
March 27, 2024 | Full Length Video : 28min 19sec

FTM bottom Chance Hart has legs up in the air. He’s ready for his bonus hole to be stretched by a line of rugged, huge men: and first up is Eddie Patrick’s big dick, which skewers Chance so hard he fills the room with moans!

Adam Snow’s next. One of the girthiest of Carnal Media’s exclusive men, he opens up Chance’s hole width-wise with ease.

Latino twink Milo ...[Read more]

Latino twink Milo Miles and ginger jock Dylan Tides pump into Chance next. Cum starts to dribble out of Chance’s creampied bonus hole, wide open from the train that’s already passed through him.

Angel Elias spits on Chance’s hole before sliding his big uncut cock inwards. Pulling up the rear is Grant Ducati, who finishes Chance with such a huge load from his large balls that cum rushes out of Chance’s cream cave.

Director: Jason Sparks
Producer: Jason Sparks
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Chance Hart

Chance Hart: Chapters
2. Chance Hart & Axel Black 21mn
Chance and Axel are deep in the throws of passion when we find them in bed. The two have moved well beyond the point of small talk and are eagerly peeling off each other’s clothes. They can’t wait another moment longer to feel their skin pressed against each other, leading to a steamy, intense session of sucking, fucking, and pussy flooding. Axel’s tongue aggressively wrestles Chance’s making their mouth water as they strip off their underwear and shove their bodies together. Axel’s rigid cock grinds up against Chance’s pelvis, teasing his loins and getting his clit rock hard. Axel falls to his knees like a devoted supplicant, begging to taste his wet pussy all over. Axel sucks on Chance’s clit like it’s a throbbing cock, taking it into his mouth and swirling it around his lips. It grows harder and longer as the cis man hungrily brings it to full strength, all the while making Chance’s eyes roll back in pleasure. The eager clit sucker manages to catch a breath long enough for Chance to put him on his back and devour his veiny cock. Chance has no problem returning the favor to his lover, swallowing his member balls deep, stroking it in his grip and getting it ready to slide inside his hole. After showing the strength of his throat and his determination to make Axel cum, Chance gets on his back and spreads his legs apart for the horny top to slide inside. Axel moves in with precision, filling Chance’s pussy up with his monster cock and drilling deep into his pelvis. Axel kisses up and down his tattooed legs before driving hard into his body, making Chance moan loudly for more as he gets closer and closer to breeding his cunt.
3. Chance Hart & Axel Black 20mn
While Chance Hart looks like a total bad boy, Axel Black couldn’t be more of the boy next door. Wavy brown hair, smooth skin, no tattoos, and a lean, athletic body. He’s an absolute dish in his own right, but paired with the pierced and inked Chance, it’s a perfect complement of opposites. While they may not look at all alike, it’s their shared chemistry that matters most. Axel’s lips can barely get away from Chance’s as he paws at his butt, pulling off clothes to get a better feel for one another. Chance lends a hand, taking off his partner’s shirt and pants to bring them down to just their underwear. They fall back on the couch, needing to get off their feet to fully free themselves of their clothing. Chance grinds himself into Axel’s crotch, feeling his rigid member begging to come out. But before it does, Axel gets between Chance’s legs, lapping at his warm, wet cock, sucking on it and making it harder. Chance loves how the handsome boy’s face looks between his thighs, and he especially loves how his tongue feels on his hole. Ravenously the young man devours him, bringing him to the edge of climax, but not before Chance has the opportunity to return the favor. Axel gets up on the couch and Chance bobs up and down on his shaft, taking him to the back of his throat and getting his member slicked up and wet. Axel even puts his hands behind his head and just feels his body get flooded with pleasure. He could nut right then and there, but he wants to get a deep dicking in before he blows! And Chance’s hole was made to be bred!
4. Chance Hart & Brayden St. Jaymes 23mn
Chance climbs up Brayden’s long, tall body like Jack climbing a beanstalk. At the top, he greets the handsome cis man with a passionate kiss. Their size difference only adds to their chemistry, but face to face, they embrace each other with a shared longing and intimacy. Brayden and Chance throw off their clothes and give each other a look at their beautiful, unique bodies. Chance is tattooed from head to toe while Brayden’s larger frame is practically unmarked. Brayden’s big cock hangs low between his legs while Chance’s throbbing, swollen dick is perfectly flanked by his hot, wet pussy. Brayden gets on all fours, lowering himself down to Chance’s loins to savor his partner’s sexy cock. Chance lifts his pelvis upward, serving up his hard cock and wet hole like a meal for Brayden to devour. The tattooed man looks down in delight as his partner worships his body, all the while thinking of taking his massive meat in his mouth in return. When Brayden leans back to offer up his giant tool, Chance stretches his throat open to take it all down deep. Brayden’s nuts are heavy beneath his shaft, serving as a goal post for Chance to reach as he attempts to swallow him completely. It’s not an easy task. Brayden is especially hung and girthy, giving Chance a lot to handle as he satisfies his oral fixation. Brayden can only last so long before he needs to fuck. Chance gets on top of him and rides him hard, feeling his hole stretch out to take every thick inch of his partner. Chance is no stranger to a powerful, deep dicking, but the way his pussy opens to swallow up Brayden is truly exceptional. Brayden is amazed by how well Chance can take him, enjoying every passionate thrust into his loins. It’s not long before Chance’s pussy milks Brayden’s load, draining his nuts out though his enormous cock and into his partner’s hungry hole. Chance is eager to take every drop, tightening his muscles to keep it in place as long as possible. But Brayden’s meat has opened him up so much that a few drops find their way out, glazing over Chance’s pussy in a final, beautiful creampie.
7. Chance Hart & Brayden St. Jaymes 25mn
Brayden leans back in his bed as Chance begins to caress his stomach and chest. The tattooed stud brings his mouth to Chance's, kissing him softly and sweetly as they press their bodies closer together. Brayden can feel Chance’s excitement growing, intensifying in his pulse and breathing. Even his hands begin to tremble as they make their way under his clothes, eager to be even closer. When Brayden pulls off his shirt, Chance can’t hold back his desire any longer. His mouth moves to his nipples while his hands caress his bulge. The two guys feel the heat of the moment rising as they continue to undress, exploring every inch of each other and learning what makes the other tick. Brayden pulls off Chance’s pants, quickly burying his face between the trans man’s legs. His mouth expertly navigates the warm, wet crevasses of Chance’s loins, kissing and licking his clit as he works his lover into a frenzy. Chance holds himself up and watches as Brayden sucks on his member, shooting sensations of pleasure all over his entire body. Chance moves around to take Brayden’s massive cock in his hold, feeling its size before placing it between his lips. The hung stud swings a massive 10 inch tool with heavy hanging nuts that swing back and forth as he starts to fuck Chance’s face, sight of which makes the tattooed bottom hungry for more. He takes it to the back of his throat, feeling his pussy drip with anticipation for the deep dicking he’s about to receive. Fortunately for Chance, his cunt has no problem handling Brayden’s monster member. As it slides past his clit and into his body, the trans man can feel every inch make its way into his belly, pushing his guts around to make room. Chance controls his breath as he watches the giant cock move inside him, striking deep pleasure points as it moves back and forth. Brayden’s hips work harder and faster as they rail into Chance, feeling his heavy nuts ready themselves for release. Brayden’s been working up a load since the moment Chance took his cock in his mouth, and now, as he picks up the pace, he’s ready to unleash his seed into Chance’s hungry, wet hole.
8. Chance Hart & Tommy Deetz 26mn
Chance and Tommy could practically be twins! The two scruffy tattooed studs have beautiful, athletic bodies, close cropped hair, detailed designs drawn all over, and an intense, passionate sex drive! Of course, the only difference is that one of them has a raging hard-on and the other is eager to take it! Tommy kisses Chance with a fiery hunger that his partner is happy to return. Their tongues move about like dancers, gracefully exiting the other and making their pulses hasten. Chance manages to get his hand on Tommy’s crotch, feeling the swelling of his cock beneath his jeans. Tommy is happy to open up for the horny stud, and finds he’s similarly inviting of his own loins. Tommy slides a hand inside Chance’s pants and gets a first feel of the hot wet pussy beneath. Things escalate as they take off their clothes, giving Tommy the chance to bury his face in Chance’s pelvis. Tommy’s tongue works as expertly on his clit as it did his mouth. He finds a rock hard, swollen dick in itself in the wet clit, sucking on it and kissing it as Chance holds his head in place. The groans and moans of pleasure echo throughout the room, and Tommy’s cock is desperate for release. Pulling out of his pants, Tommy gives Chance a mouthful of his member, feeling it harden and lengthen between the trans man’s lips. Chance is a champion cocksucker and knows how to bring Tommy to the edge of climax without going too far. He wants to make Tommy feel good, but still wants to feel it rage in his cunt. Putting Chance on his back, Tommy slides his slick meat between the trans man’s pussy lips, watching it disappear into his guts as Chance lets out a deep, guttural moan. The feeling is so intense that Tommy can hardly hold back the urge to plow harder and deeper from the jump. Chance is more than capable of taking it, though. The sexy guy loves a hard, rough, deep dicking. He spreads his legs wider apart to give Tommy plenty of space to jackhammer his hole. In the end, Chance wants that thick load. And Tommy is determined to give it to him!
9. Chance Hart & Tommy Deetz 23mn
Chance Hart has a sex drive that’s hard to satiate. It doesn’t take long for his loins to get fired up and his hunger to be plowed to take over. Luckily, he’s one hot stud who knows how to get what he wants. Tommy was fortunate enough to catch Chance during his arousal, serving up a fuck that is sure to hit the spot for the trans man. When the two start taking off their clothes, there’s an almost animalistic chemistry between them. In many ways, the two men are cut from the same cloth. Scruffy faces, smooth, lean bodies, covered in intricate tattoos, and dripping in testosterone-fueled lust. The two practically drink each other in as they kiss and caress, making their intentions for each other very clear. Tommy wraps his arms around Chance, kissing him so deep that he practically sucks the air out of his lungs. He lies back to catch his breath, removing his clothes and showing off more of his beautiful body and tattoos. As much as Tommy appreciates the work, his eyes go directly to Chance’s swollen dick, throbbing and protruding from his hot, wet pussy. Tommy drops to his knees and begins sucking and teasing the trans man’s member, feeling the rigid knob pulse between his lips, reaching peak arousal as Tommy continues to savor it. Chance can’t help but look down in awe at just how passionately Tommy works to make him cum, realizing that his sex drive might actually match his own. Chance stands up just before climaxing to turn his enthusiasm back on Tommy. The lean top stands with his back to the wall as Chance pulls down his pants and starts bobbing up and down on his meat. Tommy is rock hard and dripping pre-cum before Chance’s breath even approaches his big tool. But once Chance begins taking it to the back of his throat, Tommy knows it’s just a matter of time before his need to fuck is going to become too strong to hold back. Luckily, that’s exactly why Chance brought him over. Chance gets back on the bed and spreads his legs wide, creating a direct path for Tommy to follow to get balls deep inside. Tommy doesn’t hesitate in sliding himself all the way in, seeing the relief on Chance’s face as he’s finally getting what he wanted. Tommy smiles and begins working his hips back and forth, going harder and deeper into Chance with every thrust. He tries to hold off cumming as long as he can, but he knows it’s inevitable that he’s going to burst his load hard.
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