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beaux james and axel black: Chapter 4

April 24, 2024 | Full Length Video : 19min 32sec

FTM stud Beaux James and hung hunk Axel Black have their lips on each other before the camera can even begin rolling as the two slowly begin to strip their shirts off. Sporting just their jeans, the two continue their steamy make out session until they strip fully naked and Beaux straddles Axel’s face.

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Axel swiftly moves his tongue towards the pink entrance of Beaux’ bonus hole and gets to work on lathering it up with his saliva. He moves his hands to Beaux’ thick muscular thighs and pulls their hole closer to his hungry mouth.

The blonde FTM stud leans forward and begins to take Axel’s big cock into his mouth. Beaux slows down while working it so as not to gag too loudly while he slurps the thick member down his throat. He uses his own tongue to lick up and down the shaft of the hung hunk while his bonus hole continues to get eaten by Axel.

Beaux straddles Axel’s hips and slowly lets his hips down onto the thick cock throbbing before him, the FTM stud’s bonus hole getting fucked raw. Axel’s thick member spreads open Beaux’ pink entrance until they reach a creampie climax.

Director:Jason Sparks
Producer:Jason Sparks
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Beaux James

Beaux James: Chapters
1. Beaux James 19mn
Beaux James may look like rough trade, but when he smiles, it’s clear he’s a total softy. His open face is perfectly framed by his well groomed facial hair and buzzed head. And once you get down past his muscular shoulders you see the body of an Adonis. Perfectly sculpted pecs, tight, toned abs, enviable arms, and powerful, well built legs. Beaux looks amazing in a pair of white underwear, but even better once he peels them off. He licks his fingers playfully before sending them beneath the waistband of his briefs, teasing us with a little warm up before giving a full view of his hot, hairy hole. His warm, wet cunt draws you in, making you hunger for a taste. Luckily, our cameras get in good and close for you to see every detail of his perfect pink pussy. Beau spreads his athletic legs wide as he shows off his loins, more than happy to put on a show as he brings himself closer to cumming. He grabs at his clit, plays with his lips, and fingers his insides as he visibly rides wave after wave of pleasure. Just when it seems like he needs nothing more than his own digits, Beaux eagerly brings in a toy to work himself deeper. He playfully circles his clit with the dildo, showing just how hard his own genitalia gets from arousal. As it moves more and more to the center of his hole, Beaux lets it slide in, filling up his pelvis and putting immense pleasure pressure on his insides. Inch by inch, Beaux takes the toy deeper into his body, continuing to play with his clit as it satisfies him from deep in his loins.
4. Beaux James & Baily Wylde 20mn
Baily met Beaux in the gym. The two were working up a sweat and admiring each other’s bodies, imagining what lies beneath their exercise gear. They skipped the showers and went right home for a hot, sweaty, pumped up session of feasting on each other’s tight, athletic frames. Beaux and Baily tore off their shirts, giving each other a view of their smooth, toned torsos. Beaux’s muscles drove Baily wild, seeing the way his hard pecs glistened with sweat, lightly covered in soft brown hair. Baily pulled off his partner’s shorts, hungry for a mouthful of his delicious loins. The cocktail of sweat and musk radiated off of Beaux’ pussy, crowned by a hard, wet dick that made Baily’s saliva gush. The young man dove in head first between Beaux’ legs, lapping at his hole with the ferocity of a lion. His tongue worked in and around Beaux’ member, teasing and tugging on his pussy lips as the hard dick poked out. Beaux’ own hunger rose, desperate to feel Baily’s shaft between his lips. Getting on his knees and standing Baily against the wall, Beaux polished the young man’s cock with his mouth, licking from the balls to the tip. Baily flew his head back in pleasure, eyes rolling as he brought his hand to the back of Beaux’ buzzcut. Baily couldn’t hold back any longer. Fully erect with the taste of Beaux still on his lips, he needed to feel inside. Baily put Beaux on all fours, spreading his legs apart to see his pussy split open for him. With a sure, soft, sensual slide, Baily felt his uncut cock move inside Beaux’ hole, seeking out the trans man’s pleasure spots while being wrapped in a tight, wet pleasure. Baily could hardly believe his good fortune. A routine trip to the gym turned into an incredible fuck with one of the sexiest men on earth! Now, balls deep inside Beaux’ hole, he rides the edge of climax, trying to hold off the inevitable breeding of his partner, wanting to enjoy every intense stroke and thrust before unloading his cum deep inside.
6. Beaux James & Julian Waits 25mn
Julian eyes the handsome Beaux as they get alone. He’s taken with his stunning good looks and well defined physique. Julian breathes heavily as Beaux begins to kiss down his neck, making him eager for the opportunity to kiss him back. Julian is caught between feeling guided by his own desires and responding to Beaux’ intense sexual charisma, feeling his cock swell at the thought of the hot fuck to come. Taking off their shirts, Julian is all the more stunned by Beaux’ amazing body. Julian is a lean young man with rosy pink skin, freckles all over, and a touch of ginger to his hair. But Beaux is a tanned, golden haired Adonis, with well sculpted arms and a powerful, commanding presence. As they continue to disrobe, Julian’s cheeks flush red, making it impossible to conceal his excitement. Not only that, his cock is practically bursting through his pants. Beaux is quick to relieve him of his confinement, pulling out his member and feeling it throb in his hand. Beaux drops to his knees to give the pink member a kiss. Julian smiles, enjoying the handsome man’s approach. He thinks it’s about to be soft and gentle, but Beaux practically unhinges his jaw to take the massive cock deep to the back of his throat. Julian’s mouth drops, falling agape as he experiences the intense pleasure of being fellated by someone so skilled. But Julian knows it’s not all about him. When you’ve got someone so stunning in front of you, you have to show them appreciation. Putting Beaux on his back, Julian spreads his legs apart and begins worshipping his beautiful cunt. Beaux caresses Julian’s long, floppy hair as the young man devours his clit, sucking and licking it until it’s as hard as a rock. Just when Beaux is on the edge of climax, he turns himself around to give Julian a clear path into his hole. Beaux wants to feel the boy’s massive cock deep inside him as he rides waves after waves of pleasure. Feeling Julian’s heavy nuts slap against his clit is all Beaux needs to feel absolute ecstasy. And that’s all Julian needs to feel his urge to cum build up!
8. Beaux James & Luke Connors 24mn
Luke can hardly contain his throbbing erection as sexy muscle jock, Beaux, leans in and kisses him. The handsome man’s strong arms and broad chest leave him curious to see what more lies beneath his tank top and shorts. It doesn’t take long for them to lose their clothes and fully appreciate each other’s beautiful bodies. Beaux’s hands drop right down to Luke’s thick, meat cock, impressed with how far his fingers need to split to hold it in his grip. Beaux kisses down Luke’s smooth, lean chest until his mouth reaches the monster member, holding it firm as his mouth stretches to take it to the back of his throat. Luke loves the view as Beaux worships his member, licking the sensitive head and swallowing the many girthy inches that follow. Luke’s heavy nuts swell up with cum, getting closer and closer to cumming with every passionate stroke of Beaux’s tongue. Before he unloads his thick load, Luke wants to get a mouthful of Beaux’ hot box. Planting his face between the muscle man’s legs, he can gaze up at his model-beautiful face before lapping at his hard, swollen clit. Beaux caresses Luke’s head, playing with his brown hair like he was strumming an instrument whose music was sensual cunnilingus. Every lick and suck of Luke’s mouth gets Beaux primed and ready for a deep dicking. Luke sits back on the couch, sitting still as Beaux takes control and mounts up on his rock hard cock. Beaux’ hungry hole swallows up Luke’s member, taking it as far as he can while bouncing up and down on the end. It’s a lot for Beaux to take, but he’s determined to go balls deep and feel every drop of Luke’s creamy load fill his guts.
9. Beaux James & Luke Connors 24mn
Beaux is relentless in his mission to get fucked. The hot, horny, trans guy is never happier than when he’s full up with a hard handsome jock cock. And looking as jacked and sexy as he does, Beaux is not lacking opportunities. Luke was thrilled to be able to get close to the blonde stud, knowing how lucky he was to be able to strip off his clothes and have Beaux suck his cock. Granted, Luke is special in his own right. With sweet, boy-next-door looks and a lean, tall body, Luke is already quite the catch. But Beaux was in disbelief when the cute guy pulled off his shorts and let his enormous, wrist-thick cock out of his underwear. Beaux’ fingers just barely touched each other as he gripped around Luke’s member, taking it from the base as he attempted to take several inches down his throat. Beaux made a valiant effort, but there was more of Luke than his mouth could handle! Luke gave his partner a rest, seeing him struggle to take him all down. Luke put Beaux back on the bed, spreading his legs apart to give him a little bit of focused pleasure. Beaux loves sucking dick, but he can’t deny how good it feels to have a hungry, wet tongue work over his loins. Luke delivers an expert blowjob to his muscular partner, sucking on his hard dick and lapping at his hot hole with passion and purpose. He wants to worship Beaux’ body and make him feel amazing. And he doesn’t hold back to bring Beaux to the edge of climax before putting his cock back into the equation. And when he does, he doesn’t disappoint! Beaux’ hips have to practically dislocate in order to take just the first inch of Luke’s monster member, but he lays back and takes it, begging for Luke to dive deeper and deeper in with each thrust.
10. Beaux James and Luke Connors 23mn
FTM stud Beaux James has a hot hung twink in his arms! Luke Connors has a smooth tall body and a hot horsecock to match. Beaux starts to uncover it as the boys begin making out in bed. Beaux’ hands are roaming everywhere on Luke’s sexy body, including brushing over the ever-growing meat monster hiding within! Luke is getting more and more turned on with every kiss, every caress, every touch! Beaux takes his own shirt off and then pulls off Luke’s shorts. Luke’s cock is huge! Beaux can’t wait to take it into his mouth. He bobs up and down the piston; he’s not going to let a single lick go to waste! Beaux’ mouth is up to the repeated dick assault. He loves taking hot cocks deep down his throat, sending shivers of pleasure through boys like Luke. The tables are about to turn because Luke wants to taste Beaux bad! Luke lays flat on the bed and Beaux pushes his wet pussy right over Luke’s lapping tongue. Luke jumps back and forth from clit to labia, taking full advantage of what Beaux is putting out there. Beaux’ moans are loud and develop a rhythm. Luke plunges his happy tongue deep inside and Beaux gets closer and closer to cumming! As much as Beaux loves this licking, he wants more than just Luke’s tongue inside. He swings arounds and straddles Luke, ready to take the huge dick into his manpussy. Both guys groan in pleasure as Beaux hops on cowboy-style and starts to ride the perky pony! Beaux’ wet pussy lips swallow Luke’s rock-hard rocket whole! Beaux’ bouncing is giving Luke the hot friction action he needs to get him to a wet, hot, fiery orgasm!
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